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*A rich man was once interviewed on an Israeli TV programme. He was a billionaire.*

*He was asked if he had ever been surprised by anything. He said yes, on one of his many trips around the world, a Christian man shocked him with his belief.*

*So he began

*"In the street of Jerusalem one day, I looked directly inside a Church and saw a man extending his clenched palms towards heaven.*

*"It was after the afternoon prayer. Everyone else had finished praying and gone, but he remained praying.*

*"Curious, I went inside the Church to see the man's face and I saw him in tears as he was praying fervently.*

*" I waited patiently until he was done with his prayer. Then I asked him what the problem was.*

*"He said he had an urgent need for $10,000 for his Wife who was in the hospital. I said, "Is this why you are praying so passionately?" He said yes.*

*"Coincidentally, I had exactly $10,000 in my pocket. So I counted the money and gave it to him.*

*"Without waiting to thank me first, he prostrated instantly to thank GOD. Then he stood up and thanked me too.*

*"Bewildered by his attitude, I told him how impressed I was. So, I extended my personal card containing my direct line and direct email address.*

*"I'm impressed by you, anytime you need anything, money... any amount, call me directly and you shall have it."*

*This man shocked me!!! He refused my offer.*

*The TV host was surprised too. "Why did he reject your offer?" "His reason made me a changed man," answered the young billionaire. "What was his reason?" the obviously impatient TV host asked.*

*"Well, in his words, he said "No, thanks. I won't call you when I need money or anything else. I will always call the ONE who sent you."*

*Don't let any man play God in your life! GOD is the Giver and Controller of the Universe. Hold onto Him!*

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*Jesus is LORD.*