A boyfriend for Christmas 8

Continuation of the last chapter, honest reviews goes a long way

Because Knox apparently had to get back to work, we had to exchange numbers so we could meet again before we leave. I had hoped we would spend the entire day getting to know each other so this whole thing could be believable.


When I got home from the cafe I was still reeling that he said yes. Knox was the exact opposite of someone who I thought would agree to this. He was actually the last person I thought I'd 'date'. He had this hard exterior and this impenetrable wall around him.


Knox with his gruffness and intense personality was definitely someone I'm not usually into. I mostly found myself going towards the jock type of guy. Which of course never ended well. While Knox kind of had that golden boy look about him with the blonde hair and green eyes, he was definitely the 'bad boy'. Which just equaled troubled.


I knew I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean this whole situation was unusual and any normal person would act the same way. So as I sat on my couch getting ready to call my mom, I made myself a promise that I would be calmer and nicer to Knox the next time I see him. This would only work if we put aside our first encounter.


Bracing myself for the call I was about to make to my mother, I quickly dialed her number.


"Honey!" My mom, Colleen, answered instantly. At the sound of my moms voice my chest ached.


"Hey mom."


"How are you honey? Its been so long!." Guilt instantly wormed its way into my chest. It has been a while since I last spoke to her.

"I've been good. How are you? How have things been?" Bringing my legs up I wrapped my one arm around my knees.


"I've been good! The bakery is doing such great business, so been very busy with that." As my mom went on about the bakery I tried my hardest not to let tears fill my eyes. I hadn't realized just how much I actually missed talking to my mom.


I smiled as she talked about the costumers and how some new kid spilled flour everywhere. Memories of me doing the same thing entered my mind making me laugh. My family owned a bakery in Rutland, Vermont. My mom and dad opened Anytime Cakes shortly after my older brother was born. Almost every memory of my childhood was at that bakery with my family.


Anytime Cakes was my mom's baby. She spent hours upon hours there baking new things for everyone to try. She grew from just doing small birthday cakes to doing cupcakes, cookies, shortbreads, etc. Because it was one of the only bakeries in Rutland it has done amazing business; especially around the holidays.


"That's fantastic Mom."


"Anyways, why did you call me sweetie?" I could hear her moving around and knew she was at the bakery as we speak. No doubt doing a million things at once, but that was my mom for you. She knew how to multiple task better than anyone I knew.

Okay here it goes.


"Well as you know I'm coming home for Christmas, and I was wondering if its okay that I bring someone?" I quickly rattled off. "I know its a bit last minute." I knew I should have given her a bit more of a heads up but knowing my mom it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

"Oh a special someone?" I could practically hear the grin in her voice.

"Uhh someone like that..."


"That's perfect sweetie! You can definitely bring him. We'll have plenty of food too."


"Oh and can his little sister come along to? She is 17 but super sweet." From what I saw yesterday with Knox's sister she didn't seem like a bad kid.


"Of course shecan come, they are both welcome here. When are you coming again?"


"On the Friday the 20th. That way we hang do stuff before Christmas."

"That sounds great sweetie! So excited to meet this special someone of yours." Her excitement was radiating through the phone. Hearing how happy she was that I was bringing someone home, made me feeling slightly better at what I was doing. I didn't like that I was going to lie to my family but if it was to make my mom as happy as she is right now then it will be worth it.


"Yeah me too." I spoke softly. Just then I heard a loud beeping in the background. "What's that?" I questioned, it didn't sound too good.

"Sorry sweetie I have to go. Josh just burnt a batch of cookies. Love you and text me when you're on your way!"


"Love you too." I barely got out before she hung up. I stared down at my phone trying to push aside the guilt that was building inside of me. First not talking to my mom in ages and now bringing home a complete stranger to lie to her. Wow I really was the worse daughter.


Not wanting to hurt my mom any more than I will I quickly sent Knox a text. We needed our lie down pat and I wouldn't accept anything less.


To: Knox


From: Aubrey


We need to meet up ASAP and get our story together. We leave in four days.


Knox was probably already annoyed with me but I couldn't hurt my mom anymore than I am, so if annoying him until we get our lies straight than so be it.


To try and get my mind off of it I started working on my current work project. Instead of just sitting around waiting for Knox to reply I might as well do some work and keep me busy.


* * * * * * * ** * * * *


Four hours later the sound of my phone buzzing made me look up from my computer. Rubbing my eyes I reached for my phone, swiping answer before looking at the number.


"Hello?" My voice sounds hoarse from hours of staring at my computer.

"Are you a smoker?" The familiar husky voice asked.

"Uh who is this?" My head was still in a fog to remember who was on the phone.


"Wow already forgot my name, this is going to be a long week." Came a sarcastic reply. My head instantly cleared and I sat up.




"The one and only."


"Oh you." I replied back just as sarcastically. "Why are you calling me?" My brain was still stuck on work and staring at a computer screen for so long has given me the biggest headache.


"You wanted me to call you. Is your memory going?"


"Did you have surgery this morning to put a funny bone in or something?" It was hard to believe this was Knox on the phone right now. Judging by this morning the guy didn't have a funny bone in his body. He seemed so serious all the time.


"Had to if I'm going to be stuck with you for a week." Despite myself I found a smile working its way onto my face. "Why do you sound like you just woke up?"


"Sorry I've been working the last four hours."


I heard shuffling through the phone as if Knox was moving somewhere.


"Where do you work?"


"Uh at Fountain Web."


"Isn't that the huge building on Tenth Street?"



"What kind of business is it?" I held back a laugh at the fact he knew nothing about Fountain Web. Most people don't really know what kind of stuff Fountain Web does but when I say the name they know its a huge deal.


"An 'Internet analytical engine implemented by IBM for the study of unstructured data on the World Wide Web'." I rattled off the definition the company puts on their website. Knox was silent on the other end which made my grin grow. "Basically that means we take data from the web and categorize it. Well, that is what some do but the company does a lot of other stuff. I'm just a web designer."


Knox was definitely not the first person I've had to explain what the company does to. Even with my own family I still have to explain what I do and who I work for.


"Oh...cool?" The way he said it made me laugh. Laughing I shook my head at him even though he couldn't see me.


"Yeah very cool." Still chuckling I moved my laptop off to the side and leaned back into my couch, getting more comfortable. "Your sister said you owned a hardware store in town?"


"Yeah I do, well it was my parents but I took over a year ago."

"What did you do before taking over?"


"I was in the Marines." I paused not fully expecting that response but at the same time it made sense. Knox did have that aura that screamed military and now that I thought about it the hard exterior fit perfectly.

"Oh wow." I muttered softly. "Uh thank you for serving." I replied stupidly.

"Uh you're welcome." He replied awkwardly.


"Well you know we have to leave by the 20th, so four days away. We need to decide on our story. Like how we met, where, how long we've been 'dating, that sort of stuff."


"Why don't we just say you come into my store a month ago, we ran into each other and the rest is history?" Knox spoke as if it was that easy...which I guess it was. It sounded like a plausible scenario.


"That could work actually. Simple yet believable."

"Have you talked to your parents yet?"


"Yeah just got off the phone with my mom. She knows I'm bringing someone and your sister is good to come with us too. In my mom's words 'the more the merrier'."


"Oh good..." Knox trailed off. The silence that came over the phone was stifling. It was now awkward. "Uh sorry but I've got to go."

Silently glad he was the one to break the silence I nodded before realizing he couldn't see me.


"That's okay, me too. I'll just text you later to finalize the details?"

"Works for me."


After a really awkward goodbye I placed my phone down, running a hand down my face. If it was going to be as awkward and tense like that the entire time this wasn't going to work.Continuation of the last chapter, honest reviews goes a long way

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