What Size Glasses Are Right for Your Face?

When you're seeking to purchase a new pair of designer glasses, the size of your current spectacles may not be the first consideration.

As opposed to style or color, you should think about the size of the frames to get the best fit for your face shape and daily bifocals. You want to be sure you're getting it right if you're investing in luxury eyewear and purchasing a new pair of Lindberg or Chloe sunglasses, for instance.
Choosing the best frames for you means understanding how they may enhance your characteristics. But it's not only how the size looks on your face; properly fitted glasses will also impart a sense of visual harmony.

Getting to Know Your Measurements

There is a small set of numbers that represent your measurements inside each pair of glasses. These are the lens diameter, bridge width, and side length, all of which should guarantee a flawless fit for your spectacles. The side length, which is often one of three common sizes, makes ensuring the spectacles fit your ears comfortably. Your bridge width is the distance between the lenses atop your nose, and it's crucial that this measurement is accurate for you much as the side length. The breadth of the lens, as measured from the bridge, is known as the lens diameter. This may depend on the size, shape, and prescription of your frames as well as on your personal preferences.


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How to Fit Your Glasses

No matter if you're spending money on a new pair of Calvin Klein, Marni, or Lindberg spectacles, the proper fit of your frames should come first. If you're doubtful, make sure your eyeglasses don't extend past your eyebrows and that the temple width doesn't exceed the breadth of your face. For best comfort, make sure the lower border of the frame doesn't rest on your cheekbones. Eyewear shouldn't rub or irritate your face. The arms of your premium frames should be long enough just to fit snugly over your ears, allowing you to move and sway your head without them falling out of place. This will prevent your frames from deterioration.

Things to Watch Out For

Our glasses may have a number of characteristics that indicate they are not the proper size for our face. Here are some things to consider:

- Nose pads are a common design element for several companies, including Lindberg eyewear. Do they have an impact on the tip of your nose? They could be misaligned, resulting in uncomfortable pinching. It might also indicate that you should remeasure the breadth of your bridge.

Do your glasses slip off your nose? Consider using bifocals with rectangular or horn-rimmed frames, which are better for lower nose bridges.

- Do your cheekbones still have marks from wearing your glasses? You might need to change the side length or choose a frame with a greater size.

So you won't have to put up with uncomfortable eyewear that doesn't fit your face properly when the time comes to invest in a pair of high-end Chloe or Lindberg spectacles. Everybody has unique measurements that, when included into your new frames, guarantee the finest comfort and viewing quality.

From bowline and designer rectangle spectacles to round, square, cat-eye, and aviator frames, they come in every form and style. The highest quality materials, including titanium, acetate, stainless steel, and cutting-edge, ultra-lightweight materials, are used to make the eyewear. From the convenience of your home, you may order glasses online and have them delivered straight to your door. The latest cutting-edge optical tools and procedures are used to individually create your glasses at a cutting-edge manufacturing facility once you've placed your order. Your designer frames are mailed to you after they pass our stringent quality checks. 

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