5 Strong Arguments for Why Small Businesses Should Send Email Newsletters

When a visitor to your website signs up for your newsletter by providing their name and email address, they are essentially raising their hand and saying, "Yes, I really want hear more from you!"

In fact, by not maintaining that relationship with them, you are harming them.

Your ability to establish a "Know, Like, and Trust" relationship with your subscribers through the regular distribution of email newsletters can significantly improve your brand's visibility and market reach.


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Your Newsletter's Subscribers Ignore It for These 5 Reasons There are numerous approaches to writing a subject line that will result in the open rates you desire (I have multiple books on this subject alone!)

But to get you going, here are the top 5 issues with your emails that should be addressed right immediately, as well as the things that should not be in the subject line:

1) Not pertinent to the audience.

Consider your reader's perspective. What would compel them to want to read more? Are you directing them to a solution that your content contains? Are you piqueing their interest to the point that they feel as like they are missing something if they don't read any further?

In the end, if what you are providing to your readers is not what they want to hear from you, you will have lost them in the inbox. Therefore, be certain that you have a clear understanding of who your intended audience is and why they initially subscribed.

2) Excessive character count.

A lengthy subject line increases the likelihood that it will be truncated in the preview window and not be read. This will significantly lower your chances of getting the reader to open the email.

Best practices recommend keeping your subject line, including any emojis, within 60 characters.

3) Too witty or nebulous.

The finest subject lines are detailed and explicitly express the advantage the reader will receive from reading it. Trying to be clever frequently results in being overly general or ambiguous, where only you actually understand the point but no one else does.

Never assume that the reader will understand what you mean is a wise general rule of thumb. Always be precise and to the point.

4) Not individualized

. Convince Convert claims that emails with the recipient's first name included have a greater click-through rate than emails without it. If you just perform this one thing, your open rate might increase by 50%.

Although I don't suggest it for every newsletter you put out, make it a practice for a number of them.

5) Using words and characters that cause spam

.A subject line with spam-triggering terms that is badly crafted accounts for 16% of all emails ending up in the garbage folder.

Therefore, before distributing your next newsletter, make sure it does not contain overly sensationalized, overly promising, and overused words, which are employed by typical spammers.

Give the subject line twice as much thought as you did while creating the content itself the next time you create a newsletter, and see if your open rates improve.

Newletter is a wonderful subject line review tool before sending anything out to evaluate if it measures up to industry norms.

Checking your statistics after each newsletter to see what proportion of subscribers opened it is another important habit to develop. Do those statistics change or worsen with each transmission?

Additionally, if your newsletter provider let it, consider split-testing to determine which subject line design works best for your list.

If you find it difficult to write appropriate textual content, let alone newsletters and blog posts, then think about hiring marketing experts who can do all of that laborious job for you.

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