How to become an SEO Specialist

How to become an SEO Specialist

The success of a digital project depends on the Search Engine Optimization specialist. Its responsibility is to elevate online content on search engine results pages like Google and Youtube.


Here are the technical, interpersonal, and strategic activities and abilities required to succeed.

A Digital Marketing expert with a vertical focus in so-called "search engine optimization" is known as an SEO Specialist (where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization). These days, both Marketing and E – commerce digital strategies must include this activity.

SEO A good SEO Specialist may significantly impact a digital project's success, especially in content marketing, as search engine optimization is a field that requires a variety of talents.

What an SEO expert performs

In order to make a digital property effective from the perspective of authority and positioning in SERPs in the eyes of the search engine, the SEO Specialist often deals with everything connected to the optimization of the structure and contents of the digital property.

The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the page a user sees after entering a search query, which is a group of keywords, into any search engine's search box.


According to Eugenio Tommasi, SEO Specialist at the Digital360 Group, "optimizing content from an SEO viewpoint involves above all listening to consumers and delivering them content in line with the expectations and demands of individuals who are looking for something.


The best approach a website owner can take to get free search engine traffic is undoubtedly to put the user first. SEO changes as Google does. However, these guidelines are timeless.


When we hear the term "SEO," we immediately picture the Mountain View behemoth, yet there are numerous more search engines that we aren't even aware of that function very identically to Google.


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Copywriting and SEO are always related; understand why


Just consider Bing, YouTube, or


the importance of search engine optimization


One of the most successful and efficient forms of digital marketing is search engine optimization.


In reality, it offers a high ROI over the medium term and enables you to establish a genuine virtuous circle for a website, landing page, or app's positioning, authority, and visibility.


This occurs as a result of SEO's primary goal, which is to increase organic traffic to a digital property—traffic that is generated without the need of paid advertising.


Having a lot of traffic implies drawing in people who are seriously considering your product or service and have found your website as a result of relevant keywords.


Appearing on the top page of search results means catching the attention of a sizable, interested, and precisely targeted audience. An SEO specialist aims to achieve this.


For instance, if three sites in the same industry are compared, the one at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), the one at the bottom of the first page, and the one on the second page, the one at the top will benefit from greater visibility and traffic, which means more potential users and sales.


By taking a number of measures linked to the site's structure and contents (SEO On Page), as well as the authority gained from outside inbound links, a site can raise its average rank for the keywords that are most important to it (SEO Off Page).


What On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Mean

These two elements are crucial and complimentary parts of an optimization strategy.


Since these are strategies that call for various skills, there are SEO specialists who are more skilled in the first and others who are more inclined toward the second.


On Page SEO, also known as On Site SEO, is more technical because it calls for the capacity to research the most relevant keywords for a particular market and to create or redesign a website in accordance with the search engines' ever-stricter standards.


Continuous modifications, like those made to the Google algorithm, actually work to improve the way the computer reads, understands, and organizes website information in order to better serve and please users by displaying the results. searches that are more relevant and consistent with the entered query.

What qualifications do SEO experts have?

To be successful in the long run in this comprehensive subject, an SEO specialist needs to possess a rather interdisciplinary and diverse set of skills. The key ones are as follows:

research on keywords and semantics.
Knowing your industry, employing research tools and keyword analysis, spotting emerging trends, examining your competitors and the keywords on which they are best positioned—these are all crucial tasks to complete in the project's first stages.

Technical talents in development and programming.

Technical proficiency is required, such as the ability to "read" and programmatically insert the characteristics of the links or the metatags (title, description, H1 etc). (nofollow or dofollow).

Even more technical requirements exist, such as the necessity to examine the web server logs or comprehend how the engine controls the budget for the crawl.

Improved writing.

It's crucial to understand how to write accurately, smoothly, and pleasantly in a field that seems so scientific and "nerdy." In fact, although the engines used to encourage constant keyword repetition and writing that was overly "mechanical," it is now crucial to know how to write in an optimal manner that is also fluid, natural, and grammatically correct.

Social abilities.

Understanding how to communicate with content producers, bloggers, and journalists in order to obtain articles with links is crucial, especially for Off Page SEO and Digital PR.

use of analytics and particular tools.
An essential component of an SEO specialist's job is knowing how to use the important tools for analytics, backlink analysis, and keyword research.

Strategic perspective

Contrarily, it is crucial to have a strategic perspective, be able to look beyond one's immediate area of influence, and understand how to work effectively with other members of the corporate digital marketing team.

An SEO specialist must comprehend that while boosting organic traffic is important, it only constitutes a portion of the funnel. Frequently, communication rules must be incorporated into the creation of optimized content as well as the design of the website itself.

However, as was already indicated, there are also verticalities connected to the On Page, Off Page, or even to particular search engines.

Additionally, the SEO Specialist frequently acts as a follower of orders from an SEO Manager or Operations Manager who handles the project's more strategic and analytical aspects while delegating the executive job to the Specialist.

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