Sedgwick examines major themes that are sweeping throughout the landscape of product recalls.

Recalls threaten not just a financial loss but also a reputational harm to a firm's brand image, so the potential of a product recall is worrisome for enterprises engaging in any field.

Recalls endanger both the trademark and a company's brand. With so many issues currently affecting the global supply chain, the concept of recall liability coverage, which provides protection businesses from first- and third-party losses exposure to hazardous or brought back products, has been scrutinized more recently. Product recall insurance protects organizations from first- and third-party losses caused by polluted or recalled products.

As a consequence of this, the most recent version of Sedgwick's Recall Index was released onto the market at a pivotal moment, making it an indispensable resource for manufacturers and retailers who are looking for an intellectually honest and up-to-date standpoint on historical, current, and upcoming recall data and trends in product safety. The European "State of the Nation 2022" marketing communication report provided its audience with a look back at the recollection statistics and trends from 2021 and early 2022 in the form of a year-in-review summary.


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Chris Occleshaw, product recall consultant, international at Sedgwick Brand Protection, recently discussed the report in a webinar. He emphasized that its study results are made available from safety regulated entities, public funds, as well as research and personal interviews with the company's strategic relationships, which include insurance carriers, law firms, and position of the firm.

He stated that there is value in analyzing recall detail from the prior quarter. "There is benefit in doing so," he remarked. "However, one of the primary goals of the Recall Index is to go a step further and assist you in making plans for piecewise that could have an effect on your company or organization, as well as threats that could be posed to you as a brand. As part of our index, we influence the knowledge and skills of our partners, who typically come from legal or regulatory backgrounds, to try to make predictions about what's around the corner, what's rapidly approaching on the horizon, what organizations can benefit and what steps companies can take to actively mitigate some of these risks.

According to the findings of the research, Brexit and COVID-19 were the two most significant events that caused significant disruptions in the UK and EU markets in 2021. Significant problems in the supply chain have arisen as a consequence of both of these factors, which has forced businesses to make adjustments to what two years ago would have been considered normal operations. Furthermore, the supply chain has not yet recovered from the enormous disruption caused by these factors.

According to the findings of Sedgwick's analysis, "Recalls were higher in every area in 2021," with the exception of the toy market, which witnessed a 28% reduction in occurrences when compared to 2020. "However, the toy business did experience the anticipated surge in the fourth quarter, which accounted for 38 percent of all recalls for the year." The pharmaceutical sector experienced the greatest increase, with 372 recalls, representing a 48% rise over the previous year's total. The number of product recalls in the electronics industry rose by 45 percent as compared to the previous year. Although there was a 25% increase in garment sales, there was a staggering 200% increase in the number of children's sweatshirts sold in comparison to the previous year.

According to the findings of a cross-market survey conducted by Sedgwick, significant shifts are on the horizon for every sector. Rules that were enacted over two decades ago, before the broad adoption of online marketplaces and connected devices, are frequently the subject of regulatory bodies' efforts to modernize those laws. According to the findings of the report, even though the purpose of these modifications is to protect customers and, in some cases, the environment, these updates can create difficulties for companies, which may need to make significant adjustments to their operational procedures in order to be in compliance with newly enacted regulations.

When asked about the future of the product recall scenario, Sedgwick pointed out that the ongoing global health crisis caused by COVID-19 implies that there will be continued ambiguity supply chains, normal business operations, and regulatory monitoring.

According to the company's statement, "Regulators in the UK and EU are looking at revisions to previous rules across numerous industries in order to reflect danger to consumers from technologies that were not in use when the regulations were written." "This includes dangers posed by the software itself, such as the possibility that information could be stolen from connected devices. It also entails technological shifts in the sourcing of commodities and the purchasing of those items, thanks to the rise of internet shopping.

The team at Sedgwick emphasized that despite the fact that it is difficult to predict all of the lengthy consequences of these legislative changes, it is apparent that businesses need to manage for risks across a variety of different areas, along with the following categories:

  • Business interruptions

  • Challenges in the supply chain

  • Financial impacts

  • Maintenance, updates, and enhancements to products, as well as warranty work

  • Alterations to both regulations and statutes

  • Recalls of products and withdrawals from markets

  • Concerns around data, privacy, and cybersecurity

  • The continual development of new ideas and technologies

  • Demand from customers that is consistently fluctuating

  • Anxiety among both customers and business partners

Although nobody would like to acknowledge that they will have to deal with a product recall," Sedgwick said, "if plans to mitigate such examples are tested and updated – and eventually become as commonplace as other business processes – then when the circumstance occurs, both your logo and lowest part will remain protected." [Citation needed]

Working with an experienced partner to gain from their expertise and insights can lead to considerable cost savings in areas such as government regulations and litigation, in addition to savings in terms of time and internal resources. In addition, their knowledge will assist you in honoring your promises to consumers, partner organizations, business groups, and governments, all while safeguarding your reputation among the stakeholders who are most important to you.

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