Oregon extends deadline for 2020 wildfire insurance claims

Residents of southern Oregon who have suffered losses and damages as a result of the wildfires that occurred in 2020 in Almeda and Obenchain have been given additional time to apply for insurance as a result of a request made by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation to insurers to ex

Initially, policyholders only had until this week, September 8, to submit claims; however, the regulator has asked insurers to extend the deadline to September 30, 2023.

"The catastrophic Oregon wildfires of 2020 were among the most destructive and disruptive in Oregon's history," the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation said in a bulletin sent out on August 4 to PC insurers operating in the state. The bulletin was addressed to PC insurers operating in the state. "The catastrophic Oregon wildfires of 2020 were among the most disturbing and disruptive in Oregon's history," the Oregon Division of Banking Regulation said. "The catastrophic Oregon wildfires of 2020 resulted in the loss of life The continued emergency caused by COVID-19, together with the ongoing difficulties in the global supply chain and the economy, both deepen and complicate the effects of this natural disaster.

The market interruptions and obstacles that have arisen as a result of these wildfires have prohibited some homeowners in Oregon from reconstructing their homes, according to the regulatory agency.

"Many homeowner's insurance plans have provisions that put restrictions on the amount of time within which policyholders are required to rebuild their houses and replace their belongings. The regulatory agency stated in its advisory that the typical duration of these restrictions is between one and three years after the occurrence of the loss. "However, the ability to reconstruct after a catastrophic incident is frequently hindered by the requirement to remedy health and safety issues as well as an increase in demand for limited building resources.

"The conditions induced by both the devastating wildfires in 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic were of unparalleled extent and size, resulting to significant shortages of building supplies, house furnishings, and labor. These conditions included: As a direct consequence of this, a considerable number of policyholders have discovered that it is impossible to either rebuild or replace their possessions within the timeframes specified in their homeowner's insurance policies.

According to the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation, as of the 31st of December in 2021, there were still 991 ongoing claims from the wildfire catastrophe that occurred in 2020.

The insurance regulator has requested that the time restriction for rebuilding and replacing damaged contents be extended for insureds who were impacted by the wildfire in 2020. If insurers are unable to extend the deadline, they have been ordered to explain the situation to their customers and provide a comprehensive justification for their decision not to do so to the regulatory body that oversees the industry. If the deadline cannot be extended, insurers are also required to inform customers of this fact.

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