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During the early morning trading sessions on Friday (ET), the value of digital currencies increased. However, the value of th new Terra tokeen

LUNA 2.0, increased by more than 200% in comparison to the value of the United States dollar. The price of a LUNA token increased from a low of $1.90 per unit to a high of $6.87 per unit, however since reaching the high, the token's value has decreased to the range of $5.41 per unit.

LUNA, which is used on Terra's Phoenix blockchain, surges by 200 percent.

Bitcoin was able to achieve a 9.4% price increase today, pushing it past the $21,000 threshold, while ethereum managed a 4.9% gain, pushing it above the $1,700 per unit level. On Friday, the value of Terra's LUNA, which is the new luna token that was released by the Phoenix blockchain, rose above 200% against the US Dollar in the midst of these jumps.

After falling from its 24-hour high on Friday, LUNA is currently trading at a price that is 175.2% higher than it was. According to the statistics collected over the past 14 days, the value of LUNA relative to the dollar has climbed by 224.1%, and the coin currently has an overall market valuation of approximately $978 million.

Since the price increase, LUNA has seen a global transaction volume of $2.55 billion on Friday. This puts it in seventh place among all the coins that are now in circulation in terms of volume. As of right now, Luna classic (LUNC) is the sixth largest token in terms of 24-hour transaction volume. This is due to the fact that LUNC has printed a total of $2.81 billion in global trades.

During the previous week, LUNC has seen a gain of 69.5%, while during the previous day, it has seen a loss of 13.6%. On Friday, the value of the once-reliable coin UST (now known as USTC), which is close to that of a U.S. nickel at $0.047, climbed by 4% in comparison to the value of the dollar.
In the past week, USTC has shown a gain of 27.3%, while figures for the past two weeks show that USTC has advanced 55.9%. The previous stablecoin for Terra now has a market valuation of $461.67 million and $211.24 million in total trade volume across the globe.
Tether (USDT), which accounted for 57% of all LUNA trades today, was followed by Bitcoin (BUSD), which accounted for 32% of all LUNA swaps. The Turkish currency (TRY) accounts for 7.15% of all LUNA trades today, followed by the US Dollar (USDC), which accounts for 2.27%.

On Friday, the euro, the ether token, and the U.S. dollar represented the next three largest percentages of all global LUNA swaps, respectively.

On Friday, the total value of the decentralized financing (defi) that was locked for Terra 2.0 increased to $51.48 million, more than doubling from its previous level of $24.72 million. In terms of total Defi Volume (TVL), Riskharbor and Astroport are Terra's two most significant defi applications.

At the moment, the value of Riskharbor is estimated to be $33.59 million, while Astroport is valued at $16.7 million. According to the numbers provided by on Friday, the Terra defi application known as Stader presently has 2.61 million dollars locked.

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