Luke Shaw says Harry Maguire has received the most abuse in sport.

The decision by Gareth Southgate to play the Manchester United defender despite a poor run of form backfired at Wembley as the defender was responsible for two of Germany's goals. Germany won the match 2-0.

Luke Shaw believes that Harry Maguire has been subjected to more abuse than anyone else he has encountered in football, but he insists that England fans need to acknowledge that he is a significant part of the team.

Maguire had another challenging night after making two errors as England prepared for the World Cup with an exciting 3-3 draw at home against Germany in the Nations League. The announcement of the Manchester United captain's name before the game was met with a range of reactions from the crowd. Despite the upbeat chant that broke out during the first half of the match, the evening would ultimately turn out to be one he would rather forget.


He gave up a penalty by making a clumsy challenge on Jamal Musiala, and then he was robbed of possession as Kai Havertz gave the away team a two-goal lead. After a goal by Harry Kane and a fine strike by Mason Mount turned the tide for England, Havertz capitalized on an error by Nick Pope to tie the game. England would go on to make a comeback, with Shaw scoring the goal that brought them closer.

Since Erik ten Hag's return to the side, Shaw and Maguire have both been left out of United's starting lineup for the last four Premier League matches. Even though Hag's first two games in charge of England resulted in losses to Brighton and Brentford, England manager Gareth Southgate is continuing to have faith in him heading into Qatar.

Shaw responded, "I will be honest, it is a tough period at the moment," when asked by BBC Football Daily about his United team-mate. "It is a tough period at the moment," Shaw said. "Harry is, without a doubt, an incredible player and an incredible character. He has been the recipient of a great deal of criticism, possibly more than I have ever witnessed in the game of football; however, he never runs away and is always present.


"It is possible to have people who are able to hide away and do not want to be in the spotlight, but he continues to put himself in the spotlight, and this demonstrates the strength and character he possesses because, come on, everyone knows that he is an incredible player.

Maguire's night was rough.

"At the moment, the confidence might not be there because it might feel like the whole world is against him; it is tough for him, but we as players and staff are all behind him because he is a very important player, and it shows Gareth's trust that he has played in both games." "At the moment, the confidence might not be there because it might feel like the whole world is against him; it is tough for him.

"Look at what he has done at the Euros, and people need to understand that he is a big part of the England team and they need to accept it," said Gareth Southgate.

Shaw's own absence from the United team has not had an impact on his international form as he turned in a stellar performance against the Germans, scoring his third goal for England along the way. Shaw's absence from the United team has not had an impact on his international form.

Despite the fact that he had not been playing frequently for his club, he was still selected to play for England. When asked about this, he said, "I think it shows the trust Gareth has in me."

"When I consider it from the standpoint of the club, I am aware that the first two matches were not up to par, and I am fully aware that the manager is required to make choices.


"Now that the team has been winning and we have to bide our time, the only thing I can do is keep supporting the team, keep training hard, and just wait for my time because I think it would be a bigger hill to climb when I want to play if I put my head down and not care."


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