Paul Scholes and Arsene Wenger agree on Erik ten Hag's United problem

On Sunday afternoon, the Manchester derby featured multiple goals scored by both teams, and Manchester United was soundly defeated.

Erik ten Hag misreads directions. 

Arsene Wenger, a former manager of Arsenal, and Paul Scholes, a club star, both observed the "unbelievable" issue with two offensive players in the derby. This indicates that Manchester United have another difficulty to tackle under Erik ten Hag's management. Paul Scholes called the issue "unbelievable."

United made the short journey home with their pride considerably damaged after being gunned down by Phil Foden and Erling Haaland in a high-scoring Manchester derby on Sunday. Even goals from Antony and Anthony Martial (two) were small consolation for United. Ten Hag and the rest of his injured squad will have to start the planning process over again.

The Dutchman is required to handle an issue with wide players Jadon Sancho and Antony, according to Wenger and Scholes, who were harshly criticized by those two commentators in the aftermath. But could you please explain the reasoning behind singling out Sancho and Antony?

Wenger made these comments while performing his duties as a commentator for beIN Sports: "It was incredible to me how poorly Manchester United defended the flanks in the first half, and that was what stood out to me the most. A yellow card was shown to [Diogo] Dalot in the opening minute of play, while Sancho and Antony did not make any contributions to the defense.


"Throughout the entirety of the half, floodwaters approached both of their flanks, putting them in a difficult position. After that, whenever they had possession of the ball, I had the impression that they were overly concerned with adhering to the game plan. They wanted to advance the play too rapidly, but they ended up losing a lot of balls, and they didn't have enough of it.

"However, they did not prioritize possession in their play. They were merely interested in beginning the counterattack."

Scholes was, meanwhile, slightly less analytical when recognizing the same problem. After the game, he went straight to his social media accounts and shared a throwback picture to his Instagram profile. It showed two former Manchester United teammates, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, and the caption read, "Anyone remember when wingers used to aid their full-backs?" He was making fun of Sancho and Antony.

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