Institutional Investors Are Rushing into Crypto

There has been rapid progress made recently in the institutional use of crypto assets. It is expanding at a rate that is considerably quicker than the expansion of most relatively new industries. John D'Agostino, who serves as a Senior Advisor at Coinbase, is of the opinion that this

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D'Agostino is also of the opinion that the ongoing dispute between the CFTC and the SEC in the US is in favor of cryptocurrency. This demonstrates that it will be a significant part of the market in the days and weeks to come.

On October 18th, during an interview with SALT that was done by Anthony Scaramucci, John D'Agostino offered his thoughts. According to what he indicated, the development of new asset classes often takes some time. This is due to something he referred to as the "institutional inertia."

D'Agostino also mentioned that procuring new assets is associated with a significant portion of the switching costs. Cryptographic assets, on the other hand, have not followed this pattern.

As a result, D'Agostino is experiencing a flurry of activity as events unfold. This is the opinion of someone who spent the better part of fifteen years attempting to introduce commodities into the mainstream financial system.

In addition to that, he stated that he comprehends why someone in the heat of the moment could think that things are moving at a glacial pace. D'Agostino, on the other hand, believes that things are moving at a very rapid pace from the viewpoint of institutions.

D'Agostino also offered his opinion on what factors might have contributed to the gradual adoption of the technology in institutional settings. According to him, government regulators in the United States have shown signs of complacency. It has reached the point where it can be considered a threat to the development of cryptographic technologies.

An ETF Is Going to Be Created.

However, D'Agostino has a positive outlook on the regulatory split that exists in the United States between the CFTC and the SEC. He simply stated that people do not fight over things that are disappearing.

The heads of many regulatory bodies are using cryptocurrency as a negotiating tactic currently. A position on which regulator will control what is being stated via announcements, which are also being distributed. All of these things point to the fact that cryptocurrency is a significant part of the structure of the market.

D'Agostino is also convinced that a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund will be authorized at some point in the future. Despite the fact that the SEC has been shooting down a number of proposals, this remains the case.

He believes there will be an adjustment made on that. According to him, having an EFT is unavoidable even though there have been some delays. He was unable to predict when it will occur, but it is certain that it will take place at some point.

Yusho Liu, who is the co-founder and CEO of Coinhako, recently shared his thoughts with Cointelegraph. As the technology develops, he stated that it is anticipated that institutions would have a growing interest in cryptocurrency.

He made it clear that the sums received by institutions will continue to increase. Additionally, it will be an essential driver for the adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as innovations in the future.

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