Estrella Press Release: Galicia's Digital Innovation Programme Joins Web3 Bitcoinnews

Estrella Press Release: Galicia's Digital Innovation Programme Joins Web3 Bitcoinnews

NOTICE TO THE PRESS Following four iterations centered on the incorporation of digital technologies into the value chain of Estrella Galicia products, "The Hop" is now taking another step toward the investigation and development of Web3 initiatives.


The 17th of November 2022, in the city of A Corua, Spain — This year marks the culmination of The Hop's fourth iteration, which brings to a close a cycle of four iterations during the course of which more than 35 pilot projects were carried out in Spain and Brazil. The fourth edition featured contributions from a variety of prominent startups and corporations, including MIT, IE, Amazon, and others. TheHop's fifth iteration will center on WEB 3, exploring the ecosystem of entrepreneurs for use cases relating to the Metaverse, tokenization of assets, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).


TheHop Web3 Ventures, Incorporated

TheHop will soon be known as TheHop Web3 Ventures, and the company's primary focus will shift to use cases including the tokenization of assets, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This new initiative is being launched by TheHop Web3 Ventures in partnership with its three primary collaborators, namely Telefónica Tech, Bit2me, and AWS, with whom it will begin its initial projects. TheHop will also have VALHALLA's whole assistance as an Innovation Partner in this endeavor.

Program Evolution

Every year, TheHop has progressed, initially concentrating on key aspects of the Estrella Galicia group and, beginning in 2020, placing the primary emphasis on the use of digital solutions that bring value to hospitality and the end consumer, obtaining multiple insights of value and promoting a variety of different initiatives.

The development of TheHop has been inexorable, as it has continually adapted to meet the requirements of the firm as well as the opportunities presented by the market. Because of this, TheHop has decided to take things one step further and transform itself into TheHop Web3 Ventures. This new entity will serve as the vehicle for Web3 innovation at MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital, and it will be the means by which the company will interact with the new ecosystem.

The Transition to Web3

In the past few years, Web3 has witnessed a significant increase in the rate of global adoption. As a result, a growing number of businesses are beginning to position themselves in this emerging market. These businesses range from major technology companies to automotive companies and restaurant chains.

According to the statements made by JJ Delgado, General Manager of MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital:

"In accordance with our belief that doing things in a different way is the best way to achieve our goals, we are going to fully immerse ourselves in the Web3 ecosystem in order to design and implement solutions that will benefit our community. We recently made public our intention to decentralize, the online marketplace for handmade goods that we established just a few short months ago. Here, we plan to identify Web3 use cases that will make it possible for us to move closer to achieving our objective.

Developing new internal capacities, investigating new opportunities potentially presented by Web3, and co-creating various initiatives with companies that play an important role in the Web3 ecosystem are the goals of TheHop Web3 Ventures. These initiatives will focus on topics such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, tokenization DAOs, and metaverses, and will make use of the methodology, network, and knowledge acquired through TheHop.

According to statements made by Gerard Gracia Arcas, who is the Head of Digital Business Innovation at MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital,

"TheHop Web3 Ventures begins this next journey accompanied by three of its closest friends.

collaborators that are essential in this industry, such as Telefónica Tech, Bit2Me, and AWS, and will be incorporating new allies over the course of the next few months. Any Web3 company will be able to connect with TheHop through its new website in order to propose projects that will bring value to the initiatives that we are going to undertake, and we will approach each of them differently depending on the requirements of each Project.

The public can anticipate that TheHop will begin promoting Web3 projects in the year 2023. With a wide range of different initiatives already in the works, the following year is expected to bring exciting new developments from The Hop Web3 Ventures.

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