Australia to open Shiba-Inu-friendly restaurant

Shiba Wings, a newly opened restaurant on the Gold Coast of Australia that is cryptographically certified and that takes payments in the form of the Shiba cryptocurrency, is the latest entrant into the cryptocurrency market.


A Restaurant That Is Willing To Take Payments Via SHIB

With the recent incorporation of crypto payment methods for the purchase of food and snacks, restaurants have begun to follow the trend of events that have moved into the Web3 and cryptocurrency arena.

Shiba's blockchain, along with its own cryptocurrency This newly opened restaurant with a cryptocurrency theme accepts shiba inu, the native token of the cryptocurrency, as a form of payment. Shiba inu is currently ranked as the 15th most valuable and traded cryptocurrency.

This eatery's official picture would be used as the Shiba token's face, and it would also have a newly revised and updated menu, as well as new marketing techniques.

An individual on Twitter with the handle @shibplanet made the announcement that a restaurant on the Gold Coast of Australia that goes by the name Shiba wings will soon begin accepting customers.

He followed by stating that he had a discussion with the proprietor of the company regarding the particulars of the opening, and that he would be providing information in stages as time passed.

The tweets indicate that this restaurant is a crypto-integrated restaurant, and the tweets ascribe this integration to the NowPayment platform.

In addition, the restaurant will have a complete connection to the Shibarium integration as soon as it becomes accessible. The Shibarium integration will become ready and accessible after the layer 2 update has been finished. Scalability, greater efficiency, decreased costs, and brisk transaction rates would all follow as a natural consequence of this.

A Restaurant with an Italian Focus That Has a Cryptocurrency Theme

However, this is not the first eatery of its kind to accept crypto shiba as a form of payment. In February, Shiba's lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, made the announcement that the company had signed another partnership agreement with an Italian burger joint.

Prior to this, Shiba entered into a partnership agreement with Welly, an Italian burger joint, with the intention of establishing a restaurant that is powered by a blockchain-based network and acknowledges the shiba token as a valid form of payment.

The shiba inu was selected as the new mascot for the burger chain restaurant during the process of rebranding.

When Welly, an Italian burger joint, first opened its doors, the proprietors' primary objective was to cater to the needs of customers who had a preoccupation with cryptocurrencies. They did, however, make an attempt to sell ntfs to customers who were dining in the restaurant, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

After that, the founders got their thoughts on the subject of decentralization and the crypto way aligned with one another. They inquired among the members of the Shiba community as to whether or not they were interested in assisting in this endeavor and taking part in it.

They gave Kusama a presentation about this idea, and then a contract was signed.

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