Crypto Community Upset Over MetaMask's 'Temporary' IP Collection

According to a statement made by Consensys, users of MetaMask will have their data gathered. [Citation needed]

Crypto Twitter did not react favorably to the news, stating that it went against the goals of Web3 and expressing their disagreement with the move.
The company that is responsible for developing MetaMask, Consensys, has made a modification to its privacy policy that states it will begin collecting IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses on transactions. In accordance with the news, the company is planning to save information pertaining to usage as well as financial matters, marketing, and sales.

The message stated as follows: "When you use Infura as your preferred RPC provider on MetaMask, Infura will gather both your IP address and the address of your Ethereum wallet whenever you submit a transaction." On MetaMask, the Ethereum infrastructure platform known as Infura, which is owned and operated by Consensys, serves as the default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider.

Users who are accessing Ethereum through their own Ethereum nodes or through third-party RPC providers such as Moralis, Alchemy, and Quicknode are exempt from the data collation, as stated by the CEO of the Ethereum software company, Joseph Lubin, who referred to it as being temporary. This information was revealed by the Ethereum software company.

The publication made the following observation: "However, if you are using your Ethereum node or a third-party RPC provider with MetaMask, then neither Infura nor MetaMask will collect your IP address or Ethereum wallet address." "You should be aware that your information will be subject to whatever information collection performed by the RPC provider you are using and their terms regarding such collection," the publication stated.

The new privacy framework developed by Consensys has received a great deal of backlash on Twitter due to the fact that it violates the principles outlined in Web3.

One of the partners of Cinneamhain Ventures, Adam Cochran, has voiced his displeasure with the new policy by stating that it "constitutes an intolerable infringement of customer privacy." He sent out a tweet that said, "Shill me your finest easy self-hosted nodes, either hardware or SaaS services."

Edward Snowden expresses opinions that are analogous to these, asking, "Does Infura, Consensys, or anybody else obtaining data flows from MetaMask today, or have they ever *retained* users' wallet addresses?" An ex-computer intelligence consultant who later became a whistleblower looked for an explanation.

Consensys has written a post on its blog in which it defends the action, stating that the data collecting was not exclusive to Infura but rather encompassed the whole Web infrastructure. The blockchain company also mentioned that efforts were being made to get technological solutions in place that reduce risk as soon as possible. In addition, the company asserts that this action is not in reaction to any recently implemented regulations.

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