Lancaster MBA International Scholarship 2022

Students with strong academic performance who are interested in enrolling in a Masters degree program at Lancaster University beginning with the 2022–2023 academic session are eligible to apply for a scholarship called the "Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship." Lancaster U


This scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to international students from a variety of different countries so that they can participate in Master's degree programs that are provided by the Management School. The award is only open for submissions in 2022.

Scholarship(s) Provided By: Lancaster University, located in the United Kingdom

Institution(s) Hosting This Event: Lancaster University, United Kingdom

A scholarship covering the equivalent of £4,000 worth of tuition costs

The number of awards has been quite a few.

Instruction at the postgraduate level for students enrolled in master's degree programs in business.

Students of Foreign Nations or Nationalities


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INFORMATION | Master of Business Administration Scholarship in Lancaster

Full-time students who are accepted into the Lancaster Business Masters Program will be eligible to receive a tuition fee remission for the first year of their studies thanks to the Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship. There is no possibility of receiving monetary compensation through the Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship.

The award is only open for submissions in 2022. The Scholarships are evaluated on an annual basis, and because of this, we are unable to guarantee financing for applicants who want to postpone their enrollment until the next entering year.

The Criteria for Eligibility

Applicants are expected to meet all of the standards listed below in order to be considered for the Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship:

Awardees are required to have the academic accomplishment that is comparable to a UK 2.1 undergraduate degree.
For entrance in October 2022, the Scholarship is open to students who meet the requirements and are interested in any of the full-time Postgraduate Taught degree programs that are offered on-campus through the Lancaster University Management School.
Applicants are required to have either a conditional or an unconditional offer for a seat at Lancaster University for enrollment in October 2022, which they have accepted. The deadline for applications is October 2022.
Applicants who already have their education costs covered are ineligible for this scholarship.
Candidates for the Master of Business Administration program are ineligible for consideration for this scholarship.
This grant is not open to applicants who are applying through Lancaster University's articulation partners or those who are participating in Lancaster University's pre-masters programs.
Applicants who have already received funding for less than half of their tuition costs may be eligible for this grant.
The recipients of the award are required to be classified as "Overseas" or "International" fee-paying students for the duration of their studies in order to be eligible for the tuition fee discount.
If a candidate is eligible for both the Global Scholarship and the Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship for entry in 2022, only the scholarship with the higher value will be offered to the candidate.
Eligible Countries:

The Lancaster Business Masters Scholarship is available to citizens of the following countries:

Countries represented include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Estonia, Croatia, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, Columbia, Peru, and Brazil.

Procedures for Making Applications

Instructions for Applying: Scholarships are evaluated routinely as part of the application process for the program and will be subject to conditions if the findings are not yet known. Throughout the duration of the recruitment season, scholarship grants will be confirmed on an automated basis for enrollment in 2022.

If you are able to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility requirements as well as the award conditions for the scholarship, then the scholarship will be awarded to you. Once Lancaster University has obtained a copy of your final exam transcript, the scholarship will be officially awarded to you.

Date Limit for Submission of Applications: TBD

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