Tradeogre Review – Is Tradeogre Exchange Scam or Legit?

Tradeogre is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that provides users with anonymity, a highly esteemed feature.

In this Article, I will provide you with all your queries regarding Tradeogre Exchange with an expert review on Tradeogre Exchange if Tradeogre Exchange is Scam or Legit? so stay connected, take a glass of water while you read to the end.


How does Tradeogre Exchange work?


Little is known about this exchange or the individuals responsible for its development. Tradeogre exchange emerged in 2018 and is headquartered in California, United States. The platform does not provide online access to its registration information or terms of service. It has no legal presentation for its users, but US traders are permitted to use the platform, according to the findings.


Tradeogre is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that provides users with anonymity, a highly esteemed feature. It is an exchange that facilitates the trading of both pertinent digital assets and private cryptocurrencies. On this platform, you can locate and trade a variety of privacy tokens, such as Monero, Beam, Dero, and Grin. Tradeogre allows users to trade over 83 cryptocurrencies against Bitcoin.


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Tradeogre does not facilitate the exchange of fiat currency. However, this is comprehensible given that users are intended to remain anonymous, as only their usernames and email addresses were required during registration. There is currently no official information indicating whether Tradeogre provides traders with a diversified portfolio. This suggests that the exchange is not a viable option for novice traders. Numerous individuals utilize Tradeogre due to its unique features, which are typically unavailable on other platforms.

In the same manner as other exchanges, Tradeogre lists Bitcoin and Ethereum on its platform and provides them as trading pairs alongside Tether. The majority of its listings are "less popular" digital currencies that require extreme caution when transacting.

Tradeogre Exchange Review

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has propelled us into a universe of limitless possibilities, unless you limit your imagination. The concept of decentralized finance represents an innovative system that did not exist decades ago. This one-of-a-kind payment system defies conventional payment systems with its native features that promote privacy, anonymity, speed, reduced costs, peer-to-peer interchange of financial value, value storage, and value trade.

Accessing the diverse potentials of blockchain technology would necessitate a substantial amount of knowledge and appropriate resources. Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile, and the value of digital assets is rarely stable. Depending on the situation, traders use the volatility of these digital assets to generate profits or incur losses. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a well-developed cryptocurrency exchange for facilitating profitable transactions. These exchanges provide specialized trading instruments, a variety of digital currencies, wallets, and other features that are unique to each exchange.

The majority of trading platforms, however, are centralized. Platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and Bybit adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. While these procedures are essential for user security and personalized offerings, they come at the expense of privacy and provide an open invitation to hackers who use phishing techniques to obtain user data. In light of these issues, decentralized exchanges become an attractive option. In this evaluation, we will focus on the unique characteristics of the Tradeogre exchange platform. These highlights would serve as the premise for your decision and assist you in deciding whether you require the platform's features or not.

Exchange PlatformTradeogre
Variety Crypto83
Account neededYes
Verification Levels2
Trading PlatformWeb-based
Payment MethodsCrypto Transfer, Crypto Conversion
Customer SupportTwitter


Tradeogre Trading Assistance


The Tradeogre exchange may be a unique platform with unique features, but it facilitates cryptocurrency trading and the exchange of digital assets similarly to other exchanges. Since deposits are made in cryptocurrencies as opposed to fiat, Tradeogre encourages the growth and development of available coins, granting users access to a diversified portfolio. Notably, the exchange is effective and quick. Within seconds, withdrawals can become intense.


Tradeogre Fees

In the realm of digital assets, managing cryptocurrencies is never a gratuitous act. The exchanges develop a framework applicable to various facets of trading. Buy, sell, and withdrawal executions may incur trading fees that are a small proportion of a predetermined trading volume. Traders search for cryptocurrency exchanges that charge reasonable trading fees to execute an order and register with them. In other words, a properly structured distribution of trading fees across all unique orders could attract more consumers to an exchange.

There is a simpler scenario for Tradeogre. Since the platform does not support fiat currencies, there is no requirement for transmission fees, as is the case with Binance and Coinbase. On average, the platform deducts 0.20 percent in trading fees from all executed orders. On Tradeogre, both liquidity providers and consumers are charged the same fees for their transactions. Takers are those who remove an order from the order book that meets their requirements, whereas makers provide liquidity to exchanges by placing orders in the order book.

We believe that Tradeogre users and potential merchants will appreciate this fee structure. Tradeogre does not institute a heavier trading fee on large digital assets like BTC or ETH. The exchange has maintained its reputation as a straightforward, no-nonsense platform.


Fees for Withdrawal and Deposits


In addition to a fixed 0.20% trading fee, Tradeogre charges based on the network congestion of a crypto asset at the time of withdrawal. This implies that trading fees may fluctuate, which could be advantageous for users. Naturally, we will not discuss fiat deposit or withdrawal methods because Tradeogre does not support them. Tradeogre is not your best option if you're looking for an exchange that accepts fiat deposits and withdrawals.

At the moment of writing this review, Bitcoin withdrawal fees are set at 0.00020314 BTC, which is significantly lower than other exchanges. Ethereum fees are 0.0072000 ETH, Dogecoin fees are 0.01000000 DOGE, Litecoin fees are 0.01000000 LTC, and Tether fees are 20.0.


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Tradeogre offers three trading combinations for cryptocurrencies. According to the website of the exchange, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT) can be used to facilitate the trading of various assets.


Tradeogre API for Trading


The Application Trading Interface (API) of a cryptocurrency exchange is a crucial criterion in its evaluation, and Tradeogre's API was sufficiently detailed to warrant a distinct webpage. The exchange's API is simple to use for anyone wishing to access the market. HTTP is used to initiate requests, and responses are returned in JSON format.

Its public API does not require authentication and distributes its list market and transaction history across parameters. The private API, on the other hand, necessitates authentication and provides purchase and sell order functionality.


Tradeogre Liquidity and Limits


As a first-time user of Tradeogre, you would be required to transmit digital assets from an external wallet to the platform. Tradeogre specified in its terms that its platform includes a native exchange wallet for users to store digital assets. The platform warns users that transferring unsupported tokens to their Tradeogre wallet may result in losses.

However, there are no withdrawal limits specified on the platform. According to reports, users deposit a large quantity of cryptocurrencies on the exchange, though large deposits do activate a series of confirmations to ensure there are no irregularities or breaches.

To attain liquidity, you can withdraw your funds to other crypto services that offer withdrawals to your bank or other financial institutions. Alternatively, you could convert your assets into USDT if you dread a market collapse.


Tradeogre Portfolios


If a trading platform provides users with access to a diversified portfolio and derivatives, it may receive higher ratings. The majority of traders are comfortable trading on the spot market, while others, particularly professional traders, desire a more extreme market. Obviously, this is contingent upon the ideology of exchange and the requirements of its consumers.

Tradeogre is categorized as a straightforward platform and does not offer margin trading. However, it has not yet been determined whether or not it offers perpetual futures contracts.

Nonetheless, it is notable that Tradeogre, unlike the vast majority of other platforms, offers its services to US-based users. Possibly as a result of the platform's anonymity feature, both European and American users can take advantage of the platform's trading benefits.


Cryptocurrencies Available at Tradeogre Exchange


Cryptocurrencies serve as the lifeblood of any cryptocurrency exchange. It is a significant factor that attracts users to a trading platform. While some platforms, such as Binance, may only offer well-known and widely accepted cryptocurrencies, others may opt for less common ones. Traders have diverse requirements, so both exchanges attract their respective user types.

Tradeogre is less conventional than other Pokémon. It offers a wide variety of digital currencies, but only a few are recognizable. The exchange platform lists approximately 83 virtual assets for trading. 81 of these cryptocurrencies may be traded with Bitcoin, while 15 may be traded with Litecoin.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), Uniswap (UNI), and Ripple (XRP) are some of these cryptocurrencies. Others include INTUcoin (INTU), Garlicoin (GRLC), Lines (LNS), Monero (XMR), and PrivatePay (XPP).


Tradeogre User Interface


The outlook of exchange has a significant impact on the efficiency with which merchants conduct their business. A improperly constructed trading perspective could discourage traders from using a particular exchange. The interface of an exchange serves as the user's senses in the system of events occurring in the world of cryptocurrencies. Real-time information enables them to make the best decisions and execute orders at the optimal time. Most exchanges design their interfaces to a level that could be considered the industry standard, while others may go much further to provide clients with unique features.

As a modest exchange, Tradeogre performed adequately. The interface, despite its apparent simplicity, is sophisticated enough to meet the fundamental requirements of a typical user. Using purchase and sell boxes, one can accomplish a great deal on the platform. The streamlined view provides real-time information on market acquisitions and sales, as well as the option to toggle between light and dark modes. You can also observe trading charts for different time periods, including hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


Does Tradeogre Have an App?


Tradeogre does not provide a mobile application. Its web-based iteration is the only way to access all of its features. However, the web version has been consistent, and consumers have never complained so much. Despite this, the evaluation of exchange is left to the discretion of the user, who determines whether or not it is suitable.


How Safe is the Tradeogre?


For a long time, hacking and fraud have been the primary hazards to crypto-based services. Using well-thought-out strategies, hackers target these exchanges; if they are successful, they steal large amounts of investor funds. No one enjoys the idea of losing money to an exchange, so knowing whether or not an exchange is secure enough to manage your trading business can help you make wise decisions.

Since Tradeogre is an anonymous exchange, it may be difficult for hackers to track down individual investors. Users assert that Tradeogre's security procedures are not up to par with the industry standard. The fact that the exchange conceals its personnel and is unable to provide proof that it is regulated reignites the dread of the unknown.

Users are encouraged to utilize the platform's 2-Factor Authentication feature, which can be incorporated with Google Authenticator. However, many users disagree that this feature is sufficient. Tradeogre exchange maintains digital assets under its jurisdiction on its website, which is not a commendable practice for a young crypto exchange and could make the assets more susceptible to theft by hackers.

Nevertheless, the platform's lower transaction fees make it an attractive option for many cryptocurrency traders.

Customer Service.



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The Tradeogre team is not available for public inspection. Worse yet, the platform does not provide an official email address or phone number for users to contact with any complaints. When users encounter problems during trading, they frequently send Twitter direct messages to the platform's official handle.

However, this is not a viable solution from the company, as scammers are using the absence of an official email address to their advantage. These con artists use the email address "[email protected]" to deceive hackers into divulging their personal information and allowing them to access their accounts. The general public is instructed to disregard the email address and to never send personal information to anyone via mail.

Rarely do circumstances arise on Tradeogre that necessitate the intervention of customer service. Although problems can arise, particularly with the deposit of crypto to your Tradeogre wallet, which if done incorrectly could result in a loss. Users are encouraged to contact the platform on Twitter in order to have their issues resolved.


Can Tradeogre Be Contacted Via Email?


Tradeogre lacked a legitimate email address at the time this guide was written. Users should be wary of any messages circulating that claim to represent the company, as they may be attempts by fraudsters to steal their digital assets.


Can Tradeogre Be Contacted Via Twitter?


Currently, this is the only method of communication between consumers and Tradeogre. Some investors who reported platform issues via Twitter attested to the team's prompt response. If you wish to report an issue to the platform on Twitter, be sure to communicate it to the correct account and directly to the DMs to avoid attracting scammers.




Cryptocurrency enthusiasts cannot exist without trading platforms. Tradeogre is the most recent addition to the growing number of platforms designed to meet the requirements of a rapidly expanding market. Tradeogre is distinguished from other centralized exchanges primarily by its emphasis on privacy. Even for large assets such as Bitcoin, the platform has some of the lowest transaction fees ever possible, charging only 0.20% on executed transactions. The platform also provides users with the ability to trade a variety of assets, the majority of which are highly volatile.

Tradeogre's absence of an official presence is its most significant disadvantage. Users are unable to determine whether the platform is regulated and cannot locate an official support center in the event of an emergency. Coupled with the platform's lack of crypto-to-cash liquidity, it may deter some traders from using it.

However, the Tradeogre exchange has a user-friendly interface and the ability to trade significant volumes of assets for very low transaction fees. According to Coin Market Cap, its total trading volume is presently 117 Bitcoins, which is above $3.8 million at the current exchange rate. It is still a favorite among many traders.


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