Genius Concept or Total Failure? Boox has integrated a camera into its E-Ink tablet.

Genius Concept or Total Failure? Boox has integrated a camera into its E-Ink tablet.

A genius can blend peanut butter and chocolate into one magnificent whole. Not now.

Important Takeaways

  • The new Tab Ultra from Boox includes an integrated camera for document digitization.
  • It is either an overly complicated e-reader or an incredible e-ink iPad.
  • It is compatible with the snap-on keyboard and stylus of Boox.


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Boox manufactures some of the finest e-ink tablets, but the new $600 tablet may be superior. Boox Tab Ultra contains significantly more pineapple pizza than Reese's Cup. It adds a 16MP camera to the rear of Boox's successful formula of a sleek, oversized e-ink tablet optimized for reading documents and taking notes with a stylus. The camera is there to scan documents, but at this point, wouldn't an iPad be a superior tool?

"It's a fine idea and technological advancement, but I wouldn't call it brilliant. On an iPad, it is still possible to convert an image into a document by simply copying and pasting the text. Trevor Sookraj, founder and CEO of Divisional as well as an e-ink tablet user and technology consultant, told Lifewire in an email. This tablet doesn't appear to be any better than any other tablet on the market, so getting an iPad is probably still the best option, particularly if you already own all Appleproducts.



E-readers by Confused Boox are a niche product, and it's a wonderful niche. Obviously, you can read books on their large screens, but you can also import and annotate PDFs and take notes using the included stylus. These activities benefit from the eye-friendly clarity of an e-ink display and the extended battery life afforded by not having to constantly charge a display.

However, the Boox Tab Ultra is either a chaotic chaos or a brilliant design. Confusing because it attempts to imitate the iPad by adding a camera and keyboard case, but lacks the iPad's capability. It's a tablet with a keyboard, camera, and pen, but it's also an e-ink tablet, so it could be brilliant for the exact same reasons.

"This tablet seems no superior than any other tablet on the market..."

Let's imagine a few scenarios, the majority of which presume you're already a fan of e-ink, perhaps a Kindle or Kobo user. First, it can be used to read a book on a large screen.


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Or, the keyboard can be connected and used anywhere, even in direct sunlight. You can read RSS news feeds from anywhere, and you can compose notes on the screen, which are then converted into searchable, shareable text. It also has speakers and microphones for audio recording and playback, and a multitude of Android applications can be installed.


Bizarre Planet

The concept of "niche" continues resurfacing, however. This iPad is reminiscent of a bizarro world for those who enjoy the unusual. Some individuals will laugh if you mention a more limited, non-iOS e-ink tablet and then return to their iPads. Despite the limitations, the concept of an e-ink iPadis appealing to some individuals. In actuality, these limitations (such as the lack of a large, brilliant screen) can be enormous advantages.

"One of the reasons why the e-ink tablet is so wonderful is that it can remain powered for an extended period of time. This means you can use it for a variety of duties without worrying about running out of battery, according to technologywriter and e-ink enthusiast James Calderon. In addition, the e-ink display is very simple to read.


I began this article believing that the new Boox Tab Ultra was useless. I use an e-reader daily, and I adore it, but I prefer the iPad for all tasks except perusing fiction. Now, however, I have my doubts. The concept of perusing RSS feeds and websites on e-ink is enticing, but you don't need the camera-equipped Boox Tab Ultra to do so. You could instead choose an inexpensive model without a camera, such as the Note Air2.


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In other words, the Boox Tab Ultra may be the pineapple pizza of tablets, but in a good manner. Some individuals may despise it and spend their lives denigrating it on social media, whereas others simply adore it. The good news is that you can enjoy Boox tablets without ever eating pineapple pizza.

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