Manchester United monitor anonymous X account leaking first-team news

Manchester United monitor anonymous X account leaking first-team news

Manchester United's meticulous scrutiny of social media secrecy.

Manchester United's diligent vigilance over social media leaks exemplifies their commitment to securing a competitive edge.




It is widely recognized that Manchester United diligently monitors various social media profiles. While the club expresses frustration over leaks regarding the first team, it is disheartening that their concern for leaks extends little to the structural integrity of Old Trafford.

Historically, some fans have received mild admonishments for divulging team-related information. Regrettably, such incidents seldom capture the attention of mainstream media.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Manchester United is currently maintaining a vigilant watch over a novel anonymous account on the platform formerly known as Twitter, which has gained notoriety for disclosing injury updates and first-team lineup details ahead of matches.

The identity in question is that of @YO_INSIDERUTD, which was established earlier this year. However, it has recently gone dormant, ceasing its postings on match days, evidently recognizing the unfair advantage it provides to opposing teams.

United is actively pursuing an investigation to ascertain the origins of these leaks, with the objective of eliminating any potential sources of internal information. At least for now, their wish has been granted, as the account is no longer active.

Nonetheless, this does not necessarily imply that the informant will not disseminate information through alternative channels.

A source within the club voiced the significance of secrecy in modern game preparations, emphasizing that leaked details about line-ups and injuries can furnish opposing teams with an exploitable edge.

They also urged Manchester United supporters to actively scrutinize and challenge accounts consistently divulging such information, questioning the motivations behind their actions.

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