Which flow controllers can be used to control liquid flow rate?

Do you operate in an industry where flow rates must be measured and regulated? If you answered yes, you must be aware of the significance of liquid flow controls.

Are you working in the field where measuring and regulating flow rates are essential? If yes, then you must know the importance of liquid flow controllers. These are the functional devices that work to control and measure the rate of several liquids. These are specialized tools designed with the ability to measure consistent flow rates for liquids. They also can calculate flow rates with different pressures and volumes of water and gases. Such devices are really valuable to invest in because of their accurate measuring. But, the thing is that you must choose the appropriate controllers to measure the flow rate of liquids.

Here is the list of some useful liquid flow controllers or meters

Thermal mass flow meter

You can make use of this device which can provide accurate flow measurement results. The device uses heat conductivity to measure fluids such as gases and water. These controllers measure the rate with fluctuation temperature and pressure of fluid flowing in the piping system. Providing direct measurement for the mass flow is the greater advantage of this device.

Coriolis liquid flow controller

When there is a strict need for accurate measuring of liquids, Coriolis is the best tool to utilize. The controller contains a fixed tube that is embedded with fixed vibration. When the fluid passes through the tube, the mass flow will change the degree of vibration. The vibration will cause the tube to twist and measure the rate of flow by detecting angular momentum. With this device, it is possible to gauge the actual change in frequency of the vibration. It directly relates to liquid density. Thus you can get accurate flow measurements.

Ultrasonic flow measurement

It is one of the best liquid flow controllers that can produce accurate flow measurement output. The working mechanism of this tool is powerful and works with sound waves technology. It sends ultrasound waves through a small and straight sensor tube and measures the travel distance of waves. The travel distance of waves from one transducer to another is proportional to flow measurement. The application of this tool is significant among industries that involve in fluid processing.

Vortex flow controller and meter

The fluid velocity measurement is great for this flow measuring and controlling device. It causes vortices when the fluid passes through the bluff body, and it measures the liquid flow rate on the Karman Vortex law.

Benefits of liquid flow measuring devices

Reduce the waste of liquids by controlling the flow
Low-cost and maintenance if used properly
No moving parts. Thus you can get a longer working span.
Works on multiple parameters such as temperature, density, and sound, etc

The Final Say

Measuring the flow rate of liquids is essential for maintaining the quality of ingredients and end produces. The use of an appropriate flow controller can derive expected outcomes, so choose and invest wisely. You can consult with Proteus Industries for the best liquid flow controlling tools.


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