Manchester United must adapt as Paul Pogba's raw honesty demonstrates.

Premier League champions Manchester United have suffered a challenging season, and Paul Pogba has shared his thoughts on the campaign in a candid interview.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get genuine and honest interviews in an era when footballers post false 'apologies' on social media after dismal results and missed penalties, and where fan sentiment graphs are being used to create narratives among supporters.

Paul Pogba's recent interview with French publication Le Figaro went against the grain of conventional wisdom. However, the amount of Pogba's candor in the tabloid piece released on Wednesday, which was published on the same day as the article in which he spoke candidly, was unexpected. This was Pogba in a way that few had seen him before. It was a brutally open and honest conversation.

With his natural ability to communicate, Pogba has always been a valuable source of information when he has been granted an interview. This week's interview appeared to cover every subject under the sun. Pogba discussed the recent theft at his family home, his own difficulties with mental health, and his observations on how Manchester United has gone wrong.

Applause should be extended to the midfielder for being so forthright about mental health issues. Pogba stated that he had been 'depressed multiple times' throughout his career, adding that his first episode occurred during Jose Mourinho's two-year spell as manager of the Manchester United.

The beginning of my personal relationship with Jose Mourinho began while I was working with him in Manchester. As Pogba put it, "you have to ask yourself questions." "You begin to question whether it is your fault because you have never before encountered anything like it in your life."

Pogba has also stated that he is dissatisfied with his current situation at United, which has no doubt had an influence on his mental health. In recent years, there has been little cause for celebration at United.

To be quite honest, the last five seasons have left me feeling completely unsatisfied — in fact, they have left me feeling completely dissatisfied. This year is over, and we won't be able to win anything. Win titles with Manchester United or another team, that is what I want," Pogba continued.

"With France, it's straightforward: I play, and I play in my place — I understand my responsibilities, and I sense the trust of the coach and the team." The feeling of being different at Manchester United is typical since it is difficult to maintain consistency when your position, the team system, or your [midfield] teammates are constantly changing.

The French manager, Didier Deschamps, and I have a good working relationship, and he has assigned me a function that I am familiar with — but do I truly have a role at Manchester United?" My question is, "Do you have an answer?" I don't have one.

Pogba's statements seemed too direct in nature to have been made in accordance with United's standards, which all football clubs adhere to. In light of the fact that Pogba is expected to depart United at the conclusion of the season, it is possible that he felt at ease talking about his future. Pogba is well aware that he is likely to be released, and he has nothing to lose.

Pogba has always seemed happier with France.

Clearly, long-term planning has been lacking. Instead of being proactive, United has reacted rather than planned for the future. Manchester City have dominated the Premier League since the arrival of Pep Guardiola, but the club had been preparing for the Catalan's arrival long before he opted to leave Bayern Munich for the Premier League.

That is the level of competence and insight you would expect from a prestigious club. That is the most noticeable distinction.

It has grown tedious to point out that the next management appointment will be the most significant at the club since the 2013-14 season. According to information obtained by the Manchester Evening News, Erik ten Hag is now the favorite candidate for the role. However, whoever is named as Rangnick's replacement, the club must adhere to that candidate's long-term tactical strategy.

Over the course of the last few seasons, United have struggled to find their identity. There has been no sense of unity or a distinct style of play. That is evident from Paul Pogba's words, which indicate that the other players agree with him. Extreme change is required, or mediocrity will continue to fester and spread.

The next managerial appointment should be able to expand on the work of the succession plan that has already been established.

In light of Pogba's statements, it is clear that United will have difficulty attracting players of his caliber in the future unless they fix their difficulties.



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Premier League champions Manchester United have suffered a challenging season, and Paul Pogba has shared his thoughts on the campaign in a candid interview.