Exclusive: Football agent discusses the likelihood of Manchester United and Chelsea signing Declan Rice.

Declan Rice's chances of joining Manchester United and Chelsea have been assessed by football agent Rob Segal.

Although West Ham have been connected with Rice's departure, the Daily Mail reports that the Hammers are asking an expensive amount for the English midfielder.

Rice's trip to Chelsea was explained by Segal, but it may not be so simple anymore.

"I believe Declan Rice has been duped slightly at this point. According to Segal, who spoke exclusively to Caught Offside, "He was going to go back to Chelsea, but Chelsea isn't in the same position now, clearly," he was going to do that.

No one wants to be interested in a move to Chelsea, which makes the issue much more tough. As of today, the club haven’t finalised their takeover, therefore are unable to negotiate new signings.

Because of Rice's ties to the club, Segal indicated that he expected him to join Chelsea soon after his departure from New Orleans. Rice began his collegiate career at Chelsea as a freshman, and he and Mason Mount are good friends.

However, if Rice is anxious to leave West Ham, he may look at other options.

According to Segal, Rice's prospects of being signed by either Manchester City or Manchester United are low because both teams are well-served in that position for the time being. West Ham could end up paying £80m on a good day for Rice, which would be a lot of money. "Wouldn't that be great business for the Glazers?"

In addition to West Ham's asking price of £150 million for Rice, a club is unlikely to meet this demand. Can they justify spending so much money on a single player when Pogba will not be paid a fee?

There are valuations, and there are what the market will bear. I'm aware Rice has a market value of well over £150 million. There is still a good chance that a club will have to pay a lot of money for things like wages. According to Segal, "football isn't back to where it was" financially.

Despite the fact that the transfer fee is a significant component of the total cost of a deal, it is only a fraction of the whole cost. As a fan, you don't usually hear about agent fees, signing-on fees, wages, and many other things.

Many teams will be unable to afford the reported £150m, which will rise to around £200m when the deal is done.



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