Recycled Rubber Paving

Elite Rubber Paving is an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to concrete repaving and concrete replacement. Our rubber paving products are made from recycled materials and create a non-slip surface for your driveway, patio, walkways, etc. We offer free quotes on any project you have

Rubber paving is much more resilient against stains than concrete, but you should still remove any stains. If you want to be able enjoy your backyard this summer, but don't have the luxury of doing so on grass-soak up those last few minutes before sunset with a nice cool drink from one our professionally designed. Elite Rubber Paving Not only is a new rubber driveway the most cost-effective way to update your home, but it also provides you and all of its visitors with safety. Whether they are coming in through their garage or driving up onto the front porch, everyone will be able see how well maintained this surface really is!

The rubber on your driveway can make a huge difference in terms of durability and traction. A good quality material will last longer than others, especially if you take care to maintain it properly with oil or grease from time-to-time. These durable and stylish structures are perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing under them after work. We offer both showerhead style fountains as well an traditional spout designs that will enhance any landscape while serving their function.

Elite Rubber Paving helping beautify local communities and neighbourhoods with our eco-friendly rubber paving solutions. Every year we recycle thousands of tires and re-purpose them for use in our durable rubber paving surfacing solutions. A driveway is an important part of your home. It provides access to your home and helps protect your property from the elements. There are many types of driveways, including rubber driveways.

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