List of Undergraduate Scholarships in the USA that are Fully Funded in 2023.

Do you want to study in the United States? Good news! In the United States of America, international students can get a number of scholarships that pay for everything.

Fully financed scholarships granted by prominent American universities, their perks, and the application process in detail are all covered in this article.

There are more than 1,000 fully paid undergraduate scholarships for international students at top US universities for the years 2022 and 2023. These awards include a $1000 monthly stipend in addition to tuition, room and board, health insurance, and a travel allowance.

Apply for scholarships that pay for everything, and you can study at top universities around the world like Yale University, Harvard University, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College, and many more.

1. Program for the Clark Global Scholarship

The Clark Global Scholarship Program 2022 is a full-ride scholarship for international students in their first year of college. This scholarship program gives out between $15,000 and $25,000 per year for four years, as long as the student meets certain academic requirements.

  • University: Clark University
  • Research in: USA
  • Undergraduate is the level of study.

2. About the HAAA Scholarship

Arab students who want to study as an undergraduate at Harvard University in the United States can apply for the HAAA Scholarship. The Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA) started the HAAA Scholarship Fund in 2010. It was the first of its kind at Harvard, and it was done to help the HAAA reach its goal of getting more Arab students to attend Harvard.

  • Organization: Harvard University
  • Learn in: USA
  • Undergraduate is the level of study.

3. Yale University Scholarships in USA

The Yale University Award for International Students is a fully financed scholarship. Graduate and undergraduate students alike are eligible for this award. Yale Scholarships can range from a few hundred to over seventy thousand dollars year, with the average Yale need-based award exceeding fifty thousand dollars.

  • Organization: Yale University
  • Learn in: USA
  • Level of Study: Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D.

4. Boise State University's Treasure Scholarship

Treasure Scholarships are fully-funded awards available to international students. Only first-year college students can get these scholarships. This scholarship pays for $8,460 per year of school.

  • University: Boise State University
  • Research in: USA
  • Undergraduate is the level of study.

5. Scholarships from the University of Memphis

International students can get a full scholarship from the University of Memphis Scholarship. This scholarship is for both first-year and graduate students. The amounts of the scholarships vary, and they cover the difference between the international and domestic tuition rates for people who don't live in Tennessee.

  • University of Memphis is a place.
  • Study in: US
  • Level of Study: Undergraduate or Masters

6. The President's Scholarship at Boston University

7. Scholarships to go to Berea College

Undergraduate students are eligible for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship. It is possible to receive this scholarship for up to four years of undergraduate study at a cost of $25,000 each year.

  • College or university: Boston College
  • The United States of America is an excellent choice for undergraduate study.
  • a student in their first year of college


Fellowship of the Lazord 2023 (Fully Funded)

Doctoral Fellowship from TWAS and NRF 2022 | Fully Funded June 6, 2022

2023 International Student Scholarships in Canada


Berea College Scholarship

Berea College Grant is a fully-funded scholarship for undergraduate international students. All of the international students who sign up for the scholarship get full funding for their first year.

  • College or university: Berea University
  • Study in: US
  • Undergraduate is the level of study.

8. Money for Cornell University

International students with financial need are eligible for the Cornell University Scholarship. This scholarship is for students who are in their first year of college. This scholarship gives money to international students who have been accepted and who have applied for financial aid and shown that they need it.

  • Organization: Cornell University
    USA: Study in:
    Undergraduate is the level of study.

9. A Scholarship for Onsi Sawiris

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

Students from outside the United States are eligible to apply for the Onsi Sawiris Award, a fully-funded undergraduate and masters scholarship. This scholarship pays for everything, including full tuition, a living stipend, travel, and health insurance.

  • The University of Chicago, Harvard University, Stanford University, and The University of Pennsylvania.
  • Study in: US
  • Level of Study: Undergraduate or Masters

10. Scholarships for Illinois Wesleyan University

The Illinois Wesleyan University Grant for International Students is a fully financed undergraduate scholarship. Full tuition scholarships at Illinois Wesleyan University cost between $16,000 and $30,000 per year.

  • Institute: Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Study in: US
  • Undergraduate is the level of study.



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