Over One Million Job Openings In Canada, Nigerians And Others Needed To Fill The Void

The Canadian government has revealed that the number of job openings in the country has surpassed one million, hence boosting the likelihood that Nigerians will migrate to Canada.

Statistics Canada reports that as of April 2021, Canadian firms were actively trying to fill 1,001,100 job openings, an increase of 23,300 from March and 308,000 from April 2021.

The vacancy rate, which measures the number of vacant positions as a percentage of total positions, decreased to 5.8 percent in April from 4.4 percent in April of the previous year.

Earlier this year, vacancies reached a record high in various industries, including construction, where vacancies reached 89,900.


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According to the government agency, the number of job openings in professional, scientific, and technical services; transportation and warehousing; finance and insurance; arts, entertainment, and recreation; and real estate and rental and leasing also reached an all-time high.

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In April, the number of job openings in the health care and social support sector decreased to 125,200 from a peak of 147,500 in March, but they still showed a 21-year growth of 3% compared to the previous year.

Each year, hundreds of Nigerians immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, and in recent years, this number has increased.

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