Binance Launches Platform for Institutions and VIPs: Report

If you want to know more about Binance's new VIP and institution-focused trading platform, check out our Binance news today for more information.

For institutional users, Binance has launched a VIP platfrom, which it hopes will improve the exchange's institutional offers and services. Asset managers, brokers, corporations, family offices, and proprietary trading companies, as well as miners and liquidity providers, are among the organizations that Binance plans to target with its new product. Binance.

Binance Institutional will reportedly include execution and OTC services, as well as a broker program, a liquidity program, and asset management, as stated in an official blog post. Aside from this, it intends to offer institutional-quality products such as tradables, yield products, data, and reporting. Cost-cutting initiatives have kept Binance in business even as the market has fallen apart, a stark contrast to the picture coinbase projected. With Cristiano Ronaldo as a new exclusive NFT partner, Binance is looking to expand globally despite the harsh scrutiny it has been subjected to.


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It has been reported that FTX is considering buying a stake in BlockFi.

The HOPR startup is supported by Binance.
During the two years since shutting down their Korean branch, the creator of the exchange indicated the prospect of moving back to South Korea to work. Binance received regulatory license to operate as an Italian crypto service provider from Organisimo Agenti e Mediatori last month. It was also announced that Binance had been approved as a Digital Asset Service Provider by France's AMF.

As was recently reported, Binance CZ denied providing a credit line and indicated that his exchange was not the major trading venue for the failing hedge fund 3AC and that they did not issue any lines of credit to fund the bailout. He also stated that his exchange did not provide any lines of credit to fund the bailout. Many distressed enterprises approached the South China Morning with similar demands for financing, and CZ didn't elaborate precisely at the time.

Companies in distress have been approaching Binance in recent weeks, claiming to be in the third group. In order to make informed decisions, Binance was compelled to consider all of the options and weigh the pros and cons of each. The CEO discussed the practice of utilizing crypto as collateral for loans in order to increase a company's value. Many lending companies had to liquidate their risky loans positions as the value of the crypto collateral plummeted in June's market crisis.

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