Financial adviser-to-be on serving clients

Josh Cuttance (pictured), who is only 29, already has a financial advice business that is three years old.

Through this business, he works with various to solve difficulties and consults with them. In this piece, the upcoming financial adviser discusses his starting, the standards he has set for himself, and what he considers to be "the key" when it comes to guidance.

"I first saw a mortgage broker to purchase my first home back in 2018," said the rising star located in Dunedin, whose first excursion into the field of marketing was after graduating from university. "I first saw a mortgage broker to buy my first home back in 2018," "At that point, I came to the realization of what the career path of financial advising requires and what options are available. At that point, all I knew was that I was interested in the topic, but I didn't know whether it would involve investing, insurance, or something else.

"After that, I found work in the banking industry for approximately five months, [during which] I studied for my Level 5 New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services. That company went out of business… After that, I had a discussion with a group known as SHARE. I really went up to around ten different financial service providers and asked them what chances they had available. I also introduced myself and stated that I was a young person who was interested in the field.

Richard Thomas, chair of SHARE and a native of Dunedin, was one of the individuals with whom Cuttance discussed the issue. SHARE is a network of financial advisers in New Zealand who shared the same systems and practices. It is this network that has made it possible for the ambitious newbie to run his own insurance business.

Cuttance stated that because SHARE has such an innovative business strategy, he is able to retain ownership of his clientele and continue to operate his own company. "So, I conduct business under the name of my whole company, but I'm actually a member of a larger organization. It indicates that I am in charge of managing my own company and determining my own revenue… Having possession of anything was really essential to me. When I first began out three years ago, I had no clients, and since then, I've been working hard to build up my client base.

"Being a member of a company that has a strong focus on regulation and puts the client first and wanting to make sure that our protocols and our documentation is all acceptable – that was an essential thing for me when I was starting my firm," the entrepreneur explains. I wanted to ensure that I had the support of everyone around me and that I was carrying out all of the responsibilities that have been assigned to me… SHARE is responsible for its own internal reviewing, which "ensures" that all of us are acting in the best interest of our customers.

At the moment, only one person is working for Cuttance, an insurance company that offers business (key person), life, health, income protection, and pet insurance services. The company has ambitions to eventually hire additional people in the year 2023.

He stated the following to Insurance Business: "That was difficult to determine first whether [hiring] was the appropriate choice. But it turned out to be an excellent choice because it has prompted me to consider how much additional assistance I will require, given that it can be challenging to complete everything on one's to-do list… My first aim is to ensure that I continue to provide excellent service to my existing customers, while also expanding my clientele in order to attract new business. Almost without a doubt, I will have more support workers the next year.


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