Earn Passive Income Upto N5K Daily Reading & Writing Articles, Socializing, Sign Up is Free.

The Twistok Group Brings You an Opportunity to Earn While You Mingle

Are you a job seeker or an employee who desires additional income? This chance is just for you! On the Twistok network, you can earn money while socializing by writing high-quality content that adheres to guidelines. In addition to receiving credit points, your Twistok account receives credit points that can be withdrawn when you read articles and learn on twistok, or when you engage with other users who publish an educative article on twistok by commenting on their posts, and you also earn points when you react to other people's posts just as you do it on Facebook, it might interest you to know you can earn over NGN5k daily doing all this, also if your good in referral, you can refer people to sign up via your unique referral link. Once you register or sign up for the platform, a unique referral link is generated which you can locate Here.

The website www.twistok.com, powered by NDS Social Network Limited, is more than a social community that enables you to communicate with family and friends and share memorable moments and events. You also have the opportunity to earn money by writing articles, reading articles, short stories, etc.

Twistokers Earnings Points in 7 Classic Ways

As a Twistoker, you earn in 7 different ways via your activities on the platforms including the referral system, check on the image below;

twistok earning points

The Twistok team is currently running a promotion that enables you to write non-plagiarized, publishable articles on the network and earn lucrative residual income. You can generate passive income by reading articles, commenting, reacting to posts, publishing articles, stories, and exciting events every day. Plus a 60% bonus for referrals each time someone used your unique referral link to join our platform and upgraded to pro. 

Never before has making money while conversing with your peers been so exciting. Writing and publishing articles and stories on the Twistok social community is simple and requires only a moment of your time. The most exciting aspect is that you can earn an attractive income daily by writing about topics that most interest you. You may have been writing and publishing and also reading your interests for free on other social networking sites, but Twistok pays you for doing so. You do not wish to wait any longer, so please click here to sign up and download the application and begin earning passive income immediately.

Our terms and conditions have been simplified to enable you to write in familiar niches. In this niche/genre, the number of articles you can write is unlimited.

You can also freely transition from one niche to another. For instance, you are free to write about sports, romance, motivation, and religion.

It is now time to publish or send such an article to admin for review once you have completed writing it. As soon as the article meets the minimum requirements, it will be published on the website. The more articles you write, the greater your earnings will be. Hurry before the offer expires!

Who May Participate on Twistok.com?

The Twistok community is open to everyone, including School Graduates, College Students, Job Seekers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Youth Corps Members, etc. Indeed, anyone seeking passive income or supplemental income is eligible to join. On the Twistok multi-platform, everyone has an equal opportunity to earn massive amounts of money. The more articles you write, the greater your potential earnings. Click Here to immediately register

How to register on twistok?

If the description sounds like something you're capable of, please follow the steps below to begin.


First, Register by clicking Here on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc.,). A page similar to the one below appears.

register and make money reading news on twistok


Once the page has loaded, please fill out the blank fields with the required information. Click "Continue Here!" when finished, as shown below. Please use a valid email address; an email will be sent to the provided address to confirm your registration.

Check your Inbox for an email from the Twistok team titled "Account Activation" once you click "Continue Here!" To confirm your email address, open the message and click "Confirm Email Address." Please also check your SPAM folder if the message was not found in your Inbox and mark it as not spam.

Your account is then immediately accessible on Twistok.com.


The next step is to upload your profile picture and update your profile. Please comply with the prompt to standardize your profile.

Your daily task to earn

  1. You will earn 50 points for reacting to other people's post
  2. you will earn 50 points for commenting on other users' posts 
  3. You will earn 5k points by login into your account daily.
  4. You will earn 300 points by sharing each article on Facebook.
  5. You will earn 300 points by sharing each article on Twitter.
  6. You earn 50 points on a normal posts
  7. You will earn reading articles for instance you will earn 300 points to 400 points on each article you open, I want to explain how the point system is being calculated, we consider increasing or decreasing the points depending on our daily revenue being generated on the daily basis e.g If today revenue increase the point anyway equally increased most especially on article Reading. For you to be able to earn you must open and wait up to 60 seconds before you can earn money (points) by the time you open and wait for 60 seconds after you have earned the points you will be able to move to another article below to earn more points, now you have been able to understand how to read articles and make points on twistok.
  8. Another means you earn money on twistok is by writing non-plagiarized articles with free copyrighted images on your article, so if you want to earn much you can also focus on the article section by picking a topic you can easily write on, if you also desire to get a software that can help you to rewrite articles in order to avoid plagiarize article you can click on this link here to register it, There is no limit to the amount that can be earned per day as a pro users The more you write and publish, the greater your earnings.
  9. I must let you understand that the platform does not condone copying from other sites and if you must copy you will need to rewrite your article by using some good AI articles rewriter, you can register for free by clicking here in order to use AI software to rewrite your article so it can be plagiarism-free, then you get it approved and as soon as you publish an article that is free from copyright image and plagiarism-free articles, our support team will approve your article within 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the time, if we decline your article it simply means it does not meet our standard you can check how some of our publishers wrote here.
  10. NB: Your Article must be at least 600 words + or you will not be paid.
  11. You earn massively on the platform which I previously stated, your earning activities depend on one's choice, you can decide to concentrate on reading articles to earn, also commenting, reacting on other people's posts, why some have their strength in referral system by using their unique referral link to invite more people to the platform by means of possibly writing a review about the platform on your blogs or websites or using the link directly to attract more people, you will earn 60% of the pro package on each person you invited that registered on the platform, anytime the person upgrade you instantly make 60% of any package the person chooses.


Why in some users, their strength is more in writing articles so explore our system by discovering where your strength is much more active.

Some can also choose to explore all that we have so you can decide to work 30 minutes every day on our website or 1 hour daily, 2 hours, or 4 hours, so the more you stay on the platform the more you have fun the more you meet more people then more points you make.

Why you may need to upgrade to pro and earn unlimited

I know you are here to make as much as you want, but you are also meant to understand that the system limits free users on Daily points you can earn, for instance, as a free user, you are limited to earning 200 Naira or 500 naira daily, we can decide to increase the point which free users earn, some days we can decide to limit it so you must understand that twistok NDS social network limited reserved the right to increase or decrease the point daily limit for free users.

Both free and pro users can earn and cash out but the difference is, pro Users are able to experience unlimited earning so it means you can earn as much as you can daily as a pro User.

The choice is left for you to decide which you want to be long either the free users or pro users as well you can decide to be a free user for a while in order to understand and observe the platform and decides which you want to decide to migrate to Pro User.

Be rest assured that the platform is trusted so you can go ahead and upgrade your account immediately Click Here

twistok pro

The regular plan is N1k, but you can choose less or more.

once you make the payment, congratulations... then start earning more

Contact Twistok Team:

After creating an account on Twistok.com and publishing an article, if it has not been approved after 30 minutes, you can contact the Admin via WhatsApp at +234-703-186-7012 to let them know about your work. After review, the administrator will approve your article and your account will be credited immediately.


Note that account creation is a one-time process. If you already have an account, there is no need to create a new one.

Note that for each article that meets the requirements and is published, you will receive b/w one fifty to four hundred naira (#150 - #400) in your Account Balance. That is if you write up to ten (10) articles per day and the administrator approves and publishes all of them, you will only earn approximately four thousand naira (#4000) depending on the topic you are writing on.

Understanding Twistok Algorithm

If someone you are following reacted to someone's content, you will be recommended to the same content that the person you are following reacted to it.

Is also good for one to get more followers, the more followers you have on the platform the better chances of your article post or content going viral.

How to Recover Password?

If you forget your password or login information for any reason, the Twistok platform has you covered. Forgot password? Please click the question mark (?) beside Password, as shown below.

How to make a successful withdrawal on Twistok

To make a withdrawal, this are things to consider or you get your withdrawal declined 

  • Make sure from the beginning, you updated your profile picture, it most be real you, we dont accept two account or if you use two account to earn, we get you banned.
  • Make sure all your articles are plagiarism-free, we dont pay for articles you copied from other sites (only for article writers).
  • Make sure all your articles are edited very well, you can learn how to edit seo articles on youtube (only for article writers)
  • To withdraw your money, make sure you click on paypal, then Bank will pop-up, use bank and fill the form, if your in Nigeria, the IBAN is actually ACCOUNT NUMBER, See below, CLICK HERE TO WITHDRAW




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