Earn Passive Income Upto N5K Daily Reading & Writing Articles, Socializing, Sign Up is Free

The Twistok Group Brings You an Opportunity to Earn While You Mingle

Are you currently in search of new professional opportunities or an employed individual seeking supplementary income? If so, we have an exciting opportunity tailored just for you. On the Twistok network, you have the ability to generate income while engaging in social interactions through the creation of high-quality content that adheres strictly to our guidelines.

Furthermore, as an active participant on Twistok, your account accumulates credit points, which can be redeemed. These points can be acquired by engaging in activities such as reading articles and engaging in educational content, including commenting on posts created by fellow users. Similarly, you will earn points by reacting to posts, a feature akin to what you may be familiar with on platforms like Facebook.

It is worth noting that this engagement has the potential to yield earnings exceeding NGN10k on a daily basis. Additionally, if you excel in referrals, you can introduce others to the platform using your unique referral link, generated upon your registration or sign-up Here.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to generate significant earnings through our recently introduced Task feature. By successfully completing Tasks that have been approved on Twistok.com, you can earn NGN250 per Task. This instant compensation is provided following a thorough review and approval process, adding to your potential income stream.

The following tasks are available for completion upon registration, each with its respective compensation:

  • Leave a 5-star rating along with a positive comment: NGN 250 or equivalent.
  • Download the mobile application: NGN 70.
  • Complete the sign-up process: NGN 14.
  • Visit designated websites: Earn NGN 7.
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels: NGN 7.
  • Interact with YouTube content (likes): NGN 7.
  • Leave comments on YouTube videos: NGN 5.
  • Generate views for YouTube videos: NGN 35.
  • Acquire followers on Facebook: NGN 7.
  • Share designated Facebook posts: NGN 14.
  • Like specified Facebook posts: NGN 3.5.
  • Engage in comments on Facebook: NGN 7.
  • Gain followers on Twitter (X): NGN 7.
  • Retweet content on Twitter (X): NGN 7.
  • Like posts on Twitter (X): NGN 3.5.
  • Comment on Twitter (X) posts: NGN 7.
  • Increase followers on Instagram: NGN 7.
  • Like Instagram posts: NGN 3.5.
  • Comment on Instagram posts: NGN 7.
  • Join a Telegram Group: NGN 3.5.
  • Join a Telegram Channel: NGN 3.5.
  • Join a Whatsapp Channel: NGN 3.5.

The website www.twistok.com, operated by NDS Social Network Limited, serves as an expansive social platform facilitating communication with family and friends while fostering the sharing of memorable moments and events. Additionally, it offers users the prospect of generating income through diverse activities such as creating articles, perusing written content, creating short stories, and completing assorted tasks, among other opportunities.

Twistokers Earnings Points in more than 7 Classic Ways

As a participant on the Twistok platform, you have the opportunity to generate income through seven distinct channels, one of which is our referral program. Please refer to the visual representation below for further details.

twistok earning points

The Twistok team offers a unique feature designed to facilitate the creation of original, publishable articles within our network, allowing users to generate substantial residual income. This platform enables the accrual of passive earnings through activities such as reading articles, engaging in discussions through comments and reactions, publishing articles, and stories, and participating in daily events such as logging in to your account daily to earn 10k points, and completing Tasks daily as mentioned above. Furthermore, users can enjoy a 60% referral bonus each time someone joins our platform using their exclusive referral link and upgrades to pro. 

Never before has making money while conversing with your peers been so exciting. Writing and publishing articles and stories on the Twistok social community is simple and requires only a moment of your time.

The most exciting aspect is that you can earn an attractive income daily by writing about topics that most interest you. You may have been writing and publishing and also reading your interests for free on other social networking sites, but Twistok pays you for doing so.

You do not wish to wait any longer, so please click here to sign up for free download the application, and begin earning passive income immediately.

Our terms and conditions have been simplified to enable you to write in familiar niches. In this niche/genre, the number of articles you can write is unlimited as long you do proper keyword research.

You can also freely transition from one niche to another. For instance, you are free to write about sports, tech, motivation, news, religion or even other niches as long as those keywords are currently trending.

It is now time to publish or send such an article to admin for review once you have completed writing it. As soon as the article meets the minimum requirements, it will be published on the website. The more articles you write, the greater your earnings will be. Hurry before the offer expires!

Furthermore, please be aware that the compensation for each approved article you publish may vary by NGN400, either positively or negatively, contingent upon the degree of your adherence to compliance and content quality standards.

Who May Participate on Twistok.com?

The Twistok community is open to everyone, including School Graduates, College Students, Job Seekers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Youth Corps Members, etc. Indeed, anyone seeking passive income or supplemental income is eligible to join. On the Twistok multi-platform, everyone has an equal opportunity to earn massive amounts of money. The more articles you write, the greater your potential earnings. Click Here to immediately register.

How to register on Twistok?

If the description sounds like something you're capable of, please follow the steps below to begin.

First, Register by Clicking Here on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc.,) OR via Twistok App on PlayStore. A page similar to the one below appears.

register and make money reading news on twistok


Once the page has loaded, please fill out the blank fields with the required information. Click "Continue Here!" when finished, as shown below. Please use a valid email address; an email will be sent to the provided address to confirm your registration.

Check your Inbox for an email from the Twistok team titled "Account Activation" once you click "Continue Here!" To confirm your email address, open the message and click "Confirm Email Address." Please also check your SPAM folder if the message was not found in your Inbox and mark it as not spam.

Your account is then immediately accessible on Twistok.com after activation.


The next step is to upload your profile picture and update your profile. Please comply with the prompt to standardize your profile.

Your daily task to earn

  1. You will earn ranging from NGN3.5 to NGN250 per Task
  2. You will earn 50 points for reacting to other people's posts
  3. you will earn 100 points for commenting on other users' posts 
  4. You will earn 10k points by logging into your account daily.
  5. You will earn 1k points by sharing each article on Facebook.
  6. You will earn 1k points by sharing each article on Twitter.
  7. You earn 5 points on normal posts
  8. You will earn reading articles for instance you will earn 500 points on each article you open, I would like to elucidate the methodology behind our point system. We take into account the daily revenue generated on a daily basis when determining the allocation of points. For instance, if the daily revenue increases, the points are proportionally increased, with a particular emphasis on article reading. To accrue points, it is necessary to open an article and remain on the page for a minimum of 30 seconds. After this duration, points are awarded. Subsequently, you can proceed to another article below to accumulate additional points. This clarifies the process of reading articles and earning points on Twistok.
  9. Another means you earn money on Twistok is by writing non-plagiarized articles with free copyrighted images on your article, so if you want to earn much you can also focus on the article section by picking a topic you can easily write on, if you also desire to get a software that can help you to rewrite articles in order to avoid plagiarize article you can click on this link here to register it, or use chat.openai.com but also you will need to learn how to use prompt. There is no limit to the amount that can be earned per day as a pro user The more you write and publish, the greater your earnings.
  10. I must let you understand that the platform does not condone copying from other sites and if you must copy you will need to rewrite your article by using some good AI articles rewriter, you can register for free by clicking here in order to use AI software to rewrite your article so it can be plagiarism-free, then you get it approved and as soon as you publish an article that is free from copyright image and plagiarism-free articles, our support team will approve your article within 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the time, if we decline your article it simply means it does not meet our standard you can check how some of our publishers wrote hereNB: Your Article must be at least 600 words + or it will not be approved.
  11. You earn massively on the platform which I previously stated, your earning activities depend on one's choice, you can decide to concentrate on reading articles to earn and completing Tasks, also commenting, and reacting to other people's posts, why some have strengths in referral system by using their unique referral link to invite more people to the platform by means of possibly writing a review about the platform on your blogs or websites or using the link directly to attract more people, you will earn 60% of the pro package on each person you invited that registered on the platform, anytime the person upgrade you instantly make 60% of any package the person chooses till 3rd generation.



In some users, their strength is more in writing articles so explore our system by discovering where your strength is much more active.

Individuals also have the option to fully explore the features and offerings of our platform. You can opt to engage with our website for varying durations, such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours daily. The longer you remain active on our platform, the more opportunities for enjoyable experiences, interactions with new individuals, and the accumulation of points for your engagement.

Note that for each article that meets the requirements and is published, you will receive b/w one hundred to four hundred naira (NGN100 - NGN400) in your Account Balance. That is if you write up to ten (10) articles per day and the administrator approves and publishes all of them, you will only earn approximately four thousand naira (NGN4,000) depending on the topic you are writing on.

Contact Twistok Team:

Upon registering an account on Twistok.com and submitting an article, in the event that the article remains pending approval beyond a 30-minute timeframe, you are encouraged to initiate contact with our Administrator via WhatsApp at +234-703-186-7012 to apprise them of your submission. Following a thorough review, the administrator will proceed with the approval process for your article, resulting in the immediate crediting of your account.


Why you may need to upgrade to pro and earn unlimited

I acknowledge your intention to maximize your earnings within the system, but it is essential to recognize that the platform imposes restrictions on the daily points attainable for free users.

As an example, under the current framework, free users are constrained to a daily earning cap of either 100 Naira or 500 Naira. It is within our discretion to adjust the points allocated to free users, potentially increasing or decreasing these limits on a daily basis. It is imperative to understand that Twistok by NDS Social Network Limited retains the authority to modify the daily point limits for free users as deemed necessary.

Both free and pro users have the opportunity to earn and withdraw funds. However, the key distinction lies in the fact that pro users enjoy unrestricted earning potential, allowing them to maximize their daily earnings without limitations.

The decision is entirely yours to make regarding the duration of your user status, whether it be as a free user or a pro user.

You may also opt to begin as a free user temporarily to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform, enabling you to make an informed choice about transitioning to a pro-user status.

Be rest assured that the platform is trusted so you can go ahead and upgrade your account immediately Click Here

twistok pro

The regular plan is N1k, but you can choose less or more.

once you make the payment, congratulations... then start earning more

Note that account creation is a one-time process. If you already have an account, there is no need to create a new one just use forgot password if you can't remember your password.

Understanding Twistok Algorithm

If someone you are following reacted to someone's content, you will be recommended to the same content that the person you are following reacted to it.

Is also good for one to get more followers, the more followers you have on the platform the better chances of your article post or content going viral.

New Coming Soon.....

Posts will only be forwarded to the email addresses of all followers for accounts that are verified and possess blue badges.

How to Recover Password on Twistok.com?

In the event that you happen to forget your password or encounter difficulties accessing your login information, the Twistok platform offers a convenient solution. Should you forget your password, we kindly encourage you to click on the question mark symbol ( ? ) located adjacent to the "Password" field, as illustrated below.

How to make a successful withdrawal on Twistok

In order to facilitate a successful withdrawal, it is imperative to take the following factors into account; failure to do so may result in withdrawal requests being declined:

  • Profile Accuracy: Ensure that your profile picture accurately represents your true identity. Multiple accounts or attempts to manipulate the system for financial gain will result in account suspension.
  • Content Originality: All content submitted must be free from plagiarism. Compensation will not be provided for articles that have been copied from external sources, with this provision exclusively applicable to article writers.
  • Quality Assurance: It is essential to thoroughly edit and proofread all articles. Resources and tutorials on optimizing SEO articles can be found on platforms such as YouTube, primarily intended for the benefit of article writers.

To initiate a withdrawal of funds on Twistok, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Bank option.
  2. A bank form will appear; kindly complete it.
  3. If you are located in Nigeria, please note that the IBAN corresponds to your ACCOUNT NUMBER.
  4. For additional guidance, please refer to the screenshot provided below, or click on the designated link to proceed with your withdrawal.

Thank you for your attention to these essential procedures, which are designed to ensure a seamless withdrawal process.


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